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I think I might be on the verge of losing my mind. I've had VIN 3 for five years now, I've tried creams and laser surgeries to no avail. My situation is complicated because I've had two transplants, so my immune system must be kept low (hence why my body can't keep the hpv virus in check). I've recently switched to a new gyno oncologist who wants to wait before we do anything more extensive, because the area is now big so it could cause a lot of deformation (we are thinking of excision this time) and I'm only 30. However, I cannot STAND the itching anymore, I can't sleep at night (it's now 2 am), even after taking atarax. I use lanacaine daily and nightly. I'm growing to hate intimacy because I itch so badly after... So do I just go for the surgery now and risk deformity? Or do I continue to live out this misery for as long as possible? 

I don't know how much longer I can keep my sanity...

- Sleepless and scratching



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Labylou, my heart cries for you.  I do not have any advice to help you with your itching.  I hear you said your gyn onc said to hold off on more surgery but did he have anything to help with the itch???  I have no doubt it affects every moment of your life.  Maybe even hypnosis could help???  I hope someone will chime in with something that helped them.  Please come back and let us know what you do.  If you find something you may help others as well.

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Thank you! I have done everything she has suggested for the itching. I'm going to try oatmeal baths next... the atarax is something I can only use when I'm desperate because it elevates my creatinine and the numbing creams don't always work. I'm trying to 'hold off' surgery as long as possible but I'm not sure if it's worth waiting any more  becauae it's having such an impact on my quality of life. Then again I'm also not convinced this will all reoccur quickly after surgery...

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