Told I needed a biopsy yesterday

I had a 5.6 PSA and doc gave me a UTI treatment for a month. Now PSA at 4.9. Im 51 years old. Doc tells me I need a Biopsy. I have to admit I am freaking out a bit. Biopsy is scheduled for next Monday. I have no idea how to tell if I am at the right urologist or not. The biopsy seems prudent and he assures me that he hasn't had patients that suffered issues such as impotence after. Im just lost and not sure what I should do. Get second oppinion? Is there a way to tell who the best doctors are for this? I could very well be putting the cart before the horse and I just need to relax but my family relys on me and I don't want to share my concern with my wife anymore than I have because I don't want her to worry anymore than she is.






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    Financial stability is needed before involving into a diagnosis


    The biopsy procedure is simple and rarely causes problems. You might experience some pain and see blood in the urine in the following day but it all resolves in two three days. However, before doing it you should consider to apply for an health insurance (if you have none at the moment) because if cancer is found all insurances would not cover any therapy.

    in any case, the PSA can be high due to causes other than cancer. BPH could cause a PSA of 4.9 ng/ml. I wonder if the doctor did a DRE (digital rectum examination) and found any suspicious bump. Have you done PSA tests before the ones you describe?
    How about symptoms, did you experience urination problems (retention, frequency, etc)?

    Many things can increase the PSA. Riding a bick the day before drawing blood for the test, or sex the night before, etc, all can cause higher than usual levels. Your PSA=4.9 ng/ml is high for your age so that your doctor's suggestion on the biopsy is natural. Surely you can repeat the test in 3 months time to verify if it continues an increasing pattern.

    Best wishes for a negative to cancer result.



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    Financial is not an issue. I did have swelling once a couple of years ago but psa was normal. I feel fine. Went for annual physical and my psa was high this time so went to my urologist. Have had occasional bouts where urine stream was weaker than normal but nothing really noticable other than that.


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    My doctor ordered an MRI before the biopsy to determine the area to take samples.  If you don't do the MRI 1st then in my opinion the urologist might not hit the suspect area(s) with any degree of accuracy.

    Dave 3+4

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    Bigger glands produce more serum

    Swelling and weaker urine stream are symptoms of benign hyperplasia. Have you done any image study such as an ultrasound or CT to verify the size of the prostate?
    Bigger glands produce higher levels of PSA serum. In any case, the biopsy may provide you with peace of mind.

    Best wishes,


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    No need to worry so much

    The most common complication from a biopsy is infection. Typically, a broad-spectrum antibiotic such as cipro is given prior to the procedure to prevent this. Assuming your urologist is competent, don't worry too much. Of course, we hope that the biopsy won't find any cancer. 

    I have never read about impotence as an outcome.


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    Your PSA history indicates a biopsy is a necessary/clinically warranted.  At 58 yearrs of age, my PSA had never been higher than 4.1, and I had Stage II disease when the gland was cut out.

    The  biopsy may hurt a little and bleeding may occur for a day or so, but it is extremely safe, seldom causes infection, and virtually never causes long-term problems, and I have never heard of one causing ED.  There are no reasons to not get it, and strong reasons to get it.


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    thanks for your responses

    I really appreciate it. Will let you know how it works out.