Asking for advice and prayers

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My dad had sinus cancer in the past... So I'm very familiar with what ask he went through and it was tough to watch.

We just found out dad has a tumor on his forehead that went through his skull to the other side, however it has not affected the brain. He has to have biopsy and pet scan scheduled. Just wondered if anyone has experienced this and how it was dealt with? Also asking for prayers for my daddy. This is hard. Never thought we'd be here again.


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    Sending prayers and positive

    Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way.

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    The PET scan tracer should be consumed by areas of blood flow. FDG is often used for brain cancer PET scans and is basically sugar water. Since this doesn't appear to be a primary brain tumor (originating in the brain), it would be metastasized if it made it to the brain at all, but there are several layers of defense in the brain that protect it. I'm no doctor, just a hopeful, fellow human being. Not sure what the biopsy on the forehead tumor is, but that might not even survive in the brain environment. Keep everything, scan the Internet. Learn everything. Advocate for your dad's healthcare, and unless they give him a quick fix, search for a second opinion.

    Best wishes

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    Just support, no advice

    I am sorry that you are having to endure this. 


    You and your father have my prayers (really, prayers) and best wishes.