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daisybud Member Posts: 521

Had ct scans today and Ned!

Can't say enough how much this site and you guys have all helped me along this road. I read all the posts everyday day and  feel like  I know you all personally.  You are the best friends I never met!!, lol

Wishing you all the very best  ;)



  • Footstomper
    Footstomper Member Posts: 1,237
    Well done daisybud

    keep in touch and keep healthy!  :-)

  • rhominator
    rhominator Member Posts: 233
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    Great news!

  • stub1969
    stub1969 Member Posts: 933 **

    Great news, Daisy.  Congratulations!


  • todd121
    todd121 Member Posts: 1,448

    Very satisfying to pass a test you didn't even study for! :)


  • Bay Area Guy
    Bay Area Guy Member Posts: 521 **
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    Wonderful news Kim!  May you

    Wonderful news Kim!  May you always refer to your RCC in the past tense.

  • lobbyist0724
    lobbyist0724 Member Posts: 471
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    Wish you many many more NED results for the rest of your life!

  • icemantoo
    icemantoo Member Posts: 3,357 **
    Pretty soon



    Pretty soon they will change it to NBD. No Big Deal.



  • JerzyGrrl
    JerzyGrrl Member Posts: 760
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    Happy dancing...

    Happy dancing for and with you - Woot!

  • foroughsh
    foroughsh Member Posts: 779
    I love NED news


    I love NED news

  • Kat23502
    Kat23502 Member Posts: 179
    Congrats!!! You and I had our

    Congrats!!! You and I had our surgeries the same day with almost the exact size and both grade 2. I'm glad you got a visit from NED!

  • LMD828
    LMD828 Member Posts: 26
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    Great news - Congratulations!

    Great news - Congratulations!

  • marosa
    marosa Member Posts: 333
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    Great, great news!


  • mrou50
    mrou50 Member Posts: 389
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    That is great news for you, thanks for sharing the good feeling.


  • APny
    APny Member Posts: 1,995
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    Best news! Good for you and

    Best news! Good for you and congrats. Go celebrate :)

  • pepper43
    pepper43 Member Posts: 16
    Wonderful news!!!!

    Congrats to you!

  • daisybud
    daisybud Member Posts: 521

    Thanks everyone,


  • hardo718
    hardo718 Member Posts: 853
    Awesome sauce!!

    Now get out there and celebrate life!  woohooooo!!!


  • Jan4you
    Jan4you Member Posts: 1,327
    YAAAY KIM!!!

    YAAAY KIM!!!


    thanks for letting us know.

    Hugs my dear, Jan

  • damatken
    damatken Member Posts: 16
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    Awesome news!

    Awesome news!

  • Allochka
    Allochka Member Posts: 974
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    Haven't been here for a while

    Haven't been here for a while, but returned to good news! Hugs!

  • foxhd
    foxhd Member Posts: 3,181
    These good things

    happen when you hang around with us. Karma.

  • izzycohen
    izzycohen Member Posts: 80
    Mazel Tov

    Thanks for sharing your great news.

  • Steve.Adam
    Steve.Adam Member Posts: 463
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    Very cool news, Kim.

    Very cool news, Kim.

  • Jojo61
    Jojo61 Member Posts: 1,309
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    Happy NED Day!

    Always, always happy to hear about NED!! Congratulations!