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So, haven't posted for a while...

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So, I haven’t posted for a while.  All’s well with me...I wrote a coupla’ months ago that Mac was diagnosed with Acinar Cell Carcinoma of the Pancreas.  (A rare form of pancreatic cancer with around 50 people being diagnosed per year in the U.S….but a bit better than regular PC and a few aspects about which that can logically hold out for good results.  Mac’s doing great and is about to have his 6th round of Folfirinox yet today shoveled snow for over an hour – in 20 minute increments – I’m soooo proud of him). 


Anyway, just wanted to say hi and hope that all of you are doing fine and that, among the many things you’re variously going through, hope is high and positivity is strong.  Let me tell you that if “feeding the good wolf” was important when it was just me going through an SCT, it’s even more important when you and your partner are both caregivers and patients at the same time.  Mac describes (having this really scary cancer) as having a little screen in the top left corner of your brain’s big TV.  Keeping the little screen tiny (or sometimes not even there) can keep you sane.  We’re confident that he can continue to withstand this very nasty treatment and that at some point he might be a candidate for surgery as the mets are only in lymph nodes albeit distant ones.)


 There’s not a lot on even Pancreatic Cancer forums about PACC but I read them all and respond when appropriate and keep a lot of what I learn to myself.  Glad my onco said I could have the occasional glass of wine!! 


Best to all - Paella  


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I'm very glad that you are updating the Lymphoma Bopard regarding this, Paella.

It's wonderful that the drug is working for your husband.  Are you still using City of Hope ?  It is great that they were able to identify this rare form of pancreatic; many oncology centers might have well missed it.


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Glad to hear you & your husband are both doing good. I like the analogy of cancer being a little tv screen. I can't get over him shovling snow and sitll going through treatments. He is doing very good. 

I don't have a new picture yet but I have stopped wearing the caps as of Jan 1. It doesn't look as good as yours but it is that "pixie" cut style for now. 

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