Surgical Pathology reports different from biopsy

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I was diagnosed on 11/30/2016 with adenocarcinoma in my right upper lobe. Decided to see a Thoracic surgeon referred by my primary doctor. Upon our discussion with the surgeon, we agreed to go ahead and just have the lobectomy done. I was able to rush the surgery and have it done 12/29/2016. I just had my follow-up appointment with my surgeon to remove my stiches and mesh that was covering my incision. He went over my pathology report and informed us that he didn't see anything on the report that would show any remaining signs of cancer. However a good friend of ours is a resident Dr at a local cancer treatment center and pointed out a difference in results. My original biopsy called out Non-Small Cell Adenocarcinoma, while the surgical pathology called it a Pulmonary Blastoma including stromal component and well Differentiated Fetal Adenocarcinoma patterns. He informed us that this is a totally different monster and treatment has to be handled completely different. The pathology show it as a 5x3x2 cm in size and staging pt2a. I see a Medical Oncologist Tuesday but I still feel like I'm in the dark about all of this. I understand that I can't expect much more from my surgeon as cancer is not his specialty, however I'm a little dumbfounded that he actually didn't even refer me to an oncologist. Had it not been for our resident friend, I would have easily just chalked all this up as done and been on my way. I just don't know what to expect, or even what to ask. Then to top it off, my insurance company only set my Short Term Disability to 4 weeks. They are supposed to follow-up with me on the 26th to see if I need that extended. I am hoping I can get another 4 weeks out of it because I don't see myself being ready any time soon to return to work. I am constantly tired, however when I do try to sleep I end up just laying there. If and when I do fall asleep, I toss and turn due to being uncomfortable and in pain. I am noticing more often lately that when I stand up from being seated, I have dizzy and lightheaded spells that almost knock me to the ground. I feel like I'm just rambling, but this is all so new to me and I feel like I've got no where to turn. My husband is stressed out trying to do everything that he can for me right now. I am trying to stay strong and not show him any weakness right now because I don't want to see him worried about me. I have a good friend from high school that is on her 3rd year of being breast cancer free, however her experiences are so much more different than mine. She's helped comfort me with talking about her experiences, but can't really answer any of my questions. Should I expect chemo or further treatment? Since I have Short term disability coverage, is it possible to open another claim if I do end up need chemo treatments? I'm not going to lie...I'm pretty scared.