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Hello friends. My mom had her 5th and last r-chop treatment 10 days ago. She is home, neutropenic, tired and having bone pain. She is in as good spirits as a person can be in this condition. She has her first pet scan scheduled for Feb. 9. We are scared she won't be able to proceed with the planned stem cell transplant, and at the same time also that she won't make it safely through. Any success stories to give me hope? Mom is 70, with b-cell follicular (and malt) that is " behaving badly "...


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    Ask her

    This might seem off-topic slightly, but how does mom feel about it all?

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    po18guy said:

    Ask her

    This might seem off-topic slightly, but how does mom feel about it all?

    Very relevant (?!)

    I thought I said above how she felt (that... is not off topic in the least): she's keeping her chin up because she's a trooper, but she shares my feelings of worry, and she feels physically like crap. So I'm hoping someone on the board on the other side of a SCT  can share a story of success. I can search past posts I suppose, but that isnt the same. The last time I posted, about a month ago, she was hospitalized for sepsis and kidney infection. So she's better that she was then, but it was a pretty low starting point. We (me & mom both) have been doing reading, but there's nothing like hearing live and firsthand what people's experiences have been, if anyone would be kind enough to share. Even if it's not a success story. 

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    My lymphoma was treated with RCHOP and it went away but came back in my small intestine.  Then 2 treatments with RICE and it is gone.  Scheduled to meet my Loyola Dr Jan 25 to begin bone marrow process.  I am a right lung transplant patient 9 years out.