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Update #3 My husband just had his kidney removed

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My husband just had his right kidney removed last week due to a 9cm mass. Surgery went well and the doctor said everything was good. We go back in next week for a follow up and move forward from there. How long does it take to get the grade and type of cancer? Would we hear that news at his post op? At any rate...2 days before my husband's surgery...my mom called with the news that she too has been diagnosed with kidney cancer. A 3cm mass on her right kidney. Due to this site I was able to tell her that it was relatively small and a partial might be all that's necessary for treatment...but that most likely she will be fine. She goes in next month for surgery and it has not spread. It's a bit of a crazy series of events. I know it's not rational to wait for the other shoe to drop so to speak...and I definitely don't want to relay to my husband my fears...but I'm nervous for the future. Will this come back? Will I always worry? I know it's foolish....I just wanted to share my fears with someone, as I don't want to upset my husband. I continue to have a brave face and optimistic stance...but sometimes I feel myself overthinking and traveling down that dark rabbit hole.

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You should have the path results at your poat op meeting. There are many on this board doing very well with 9cm or larger tumors. Sending good Karma for h and Mom as well.



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