Finally, a picture of this couple

This is my soulmate, my love who died November 22nd. This was on our wedding day in July 2012. I'm posting this simply so that you can see a face with the names. She would not necessarily approve of her photo being used like this, which is why I hesitated for so long. However, I am here, I am left with her memory, and I need to share with the world how beautiful and special she was to me.

Thank You


  • soul-mate
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    I understand fully your situation and here's a few words that may inspire you.If you've never felt your soul being torn apart, you've never loved anyone with all your heart. ( Reginaldo Kilos )  I know you lost so much and and loved her with all your heart . Enjoy and cherish all memories as those are all we have left to treasure .  Take care .


  • JerzyGrrl
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    Thanks, great photo of you two together.  It really is good to have faces to go with who folks are. 

    While the New Yorker cartoon has a dog at a computer telling another dog, "On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog," I am indeed a human, despite my photo.

  • GingerMay
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    She is beautiful and you look so happy. Thanks for sharing.  I've read many of your posts which have given me comfort so it is nice to now have a face along with them.  (As JerzyGrrl states, even though my photo is a dog, I really am a human too. Smile)