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Can you slow down weight loss

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     My mother had breast cancer and lung cancer, both show in 2014. Did chemo and radiation we though it with will until last month her Oncologists call and wanted to see her. And told us that it's back in her lung and bones. So the only question I had was how long and he told me year to eighteen months, I said ok so I, just have one question evertime my mother gose in to the doctor she has loss more weight, when all this stared she weight 129lbs. now she is 98.4lbs.. How can I put some weight on her, she eat but is not gaining?

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unfortuantly, and with elderly people, they lose the weight in spite of eating.  There is not alot  you can do but talk to the docs about trying her on some supplements such a protien shakes.  even a shake from Mcdonalds woud help.  peanut butter and milk before bed time.  My mohter did this as well.  It is tough to watch,my heart goes out to you.  give her anything she wants to eat.  even if it is just a tablespoon, it is something.



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You can try food supplements instead. Send my greeting to your mother.

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