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Completely confused

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Hello all,

I am completely confused. 

In September  I was told I had a anatomocally abnormal kidney. At the beginning of this month I was told that I had a 5.8 cm mass in my right kidney that was suspected rcc or oncocytoma.  The ultrasound report was very detailed. 

I had an Mri on Friday.  The results came back- unremarkable...no renal mass. My dr's office called me today but I only spoke with a nurse. Have you ever heard of this much of a conflict between imaging tests?

I want to be happy but this time last week, I was being told I'd probably be losing a kidney and now it's like there's nothing? I put a call into my Dr for further explanation. I'm completely confused. Which radiologist do you believe?


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You need to take both reports to a Urologist who specializes in Kidney Cancer. Speaking for myself this takes a Professional to resolve and not just a GP. The Urologist will probably follow up with a CT with and without contrast.



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Bay Area Guy
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I don't understand why a CT wasn't ordered in the first place.  I've been told MRI's are not particularly good at seeing certain types of malignancies, kidney being one such example.  I agree with ice, get a referral to a urologic oncologist, take CD's with your scans and let him or her read them and give you an educated opinion.

And, yes, I had conflicting tests on my lesion.  CT said it was there, ultrasound said, huh, what lesion?  Maddening, but it happens.

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Depends on the doc...

My regular urologist likes CT scans.  My kidney surgeon specializing in kidney cancer preferred MRI's.

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A dromedary hump can be very difficult to discern from a mass. Tech experience, machine, and patient all contribute to difficulty. Was your MRI with contrast?

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Got some further information. My mri was with contrast.  At this time, the report says they think I have hypertrophic column of Bertin which can mimic a tumor. They did not see any evidence of a mass. When I was a young child, I also had a ureter abnormality that required surgery, so I'm feeling kind of ok with this finding. So when the nurse said they found nothing that wasn't entirely accurate. My GP is going to refer me to a urologist to confirm these findings.  I would really like to thank everyone for giving me support through this tough time. Hopefully, this finding is accurate. 

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Make sure you see a urologist and have your reports in hand.  I would agree with Iceman, go as soon as possible.

Best wishes, sounds like you just may be the lucky one.  Smile


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it works out better for you than it has for many others. Stay positive.

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