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Six Month Post Surgery Followup

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Bay Area Guy
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After my wonderful time with the insurance company, I finally did get my CT scan for my six month followup.  Well, technically, since I had surgery in mid-June, 2016, I guess it's my seven month follow-up, but who's counting?

The outcome was nothing seen on my chest x-ray and there's no evidence of any recurrence or spreading of the RCC anywhere on what was an abdominal CT scan.  The surgeon was quite pleased at the almost disappeared incisions and said both my right kidney (the one on which I had the operation) and my left kidney looked perfectly healthy.  He also said there were no bumps or anything else that looked like they didn't belong anywhere on the CT or x-ray.  My creatinine level, which was 1.0 before this merry-go-round started, was 1.1 when I had the scan.

By way of history, it turned out I had a 1.8cm x 1.6cm x 1.4cm lesion on my right kidney.  The pathology report identified it as chromophobe renal cell carcinoma.  It was staged as PT1a.

I'm supposed to get another scan and x-ray in six months and, if that is still clean, the surgeon said he would move to a scan and x-ray every 12 months.

I'm pretty darn happy.

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Bay Area Guy,

I expect you to be posting 10 or 15 years from now even if I am not( I'm much older).



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Go on allow yourself nother expletive or two. You deserve it.

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Bay Area Guy
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Not sure the expletive in question would be allowed here Stomper.

As for you ice, I expect you to be here forever!

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From a fellow Chromie.  Sounds like your surgeon did a wonderful job.  When I was first diagnosed you shared a video with me of your doctor during a lecture.  His youthful appearance hides his talent.  Congratulations!


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Bay Area Guy
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I remember that video.  He's aged a little now.  He looks like he might be a freshman in college rather than in high school.  But, man, can that guy cut!

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That's awesome news!!


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Bay Area Guy
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Thanks Donna.  It's certainly a load off my mind.....at least for six more months.

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I'm happy dancing, for and with you. That's indeed great news!

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Very happy for you

Wishing you many more good  news


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