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Xeloda and Campostar

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I am about to start chemo again. This time after having liver mets totally removed.I'm going to do Xeloda and Campostar. Anyone have any experience with these?

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this is my 4th week of xeloda with radiation, tolerating it well, no issuess, taking xeloda at the end of the meal,

drinking a lots of water, brushing teeth with baking soda few times a day. Went to dentist before therapy, making sure there is no cavity, and for cleaning.

Walking every day 3-5 km, rain or shine, gym didn't work, got myself exosted couple of times.

At the end of the week start to feel exosted, sport drinks help.

I eat small piece of dark chocholatte here and there, to prevent diarhea, radiation and xeloda are known to cause that.

Avoiding vit a,c,e- they could counter act chemo and radiation.

Vit D could double dose of some chemo therapy drugs, so check on that.

My feet stareted to burn and crack, speacially heels, mentioned that to my nurse, she gave me cream that resolved  

that problem, that's from xeloda. Feet still burn at night sometimes.

It is winter time, a lots of people with cold , sore throat, fever, coughing around me, so far so good, if somone is coughing beside me in subway, I hold my breath and move away, wearing gloves when outside, or on the bus/subway, people cough in their hands than touch every thing around them, those droplets spread easy, good hand washing helps.

Overall not much to report, it is all part of the package.

Go by situation, listen to your body.

wish you success with chemo!


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Thank you. I will heed your advice. I will probably have more questions in a few weeks after I start. Thank you in advance and good luck with your treatment.

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Joan M
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I have been on Xeloda and Avastin since July of 2016.  I have not had many side effects - at first alot of heartburn.  As was stated above - take the xeloda after a meal with lots of water or other liquid.   The antacids that were prescribed to me actually interfere with the Xeloda and can prevent it from working.  So be sure to talk to your doctor about what to do for heartburn.  I stopped taking the omeprazole and just take the medicine after meal and drink alot of liquid.  I also had less heartburn if I avoided laying down or reclining for at least an hour after taking the Xeloda. 

I also have problems with dry feet and hands. I use a lotion or cream and then go over that with a thicker oil like organic coconut oil to seal in the moisture.  I have not had the burning peeling that some people experience, so have been lucky in that regard. 

Also the Xeloda continued to shrink the tumors, so I am very happy about that. Sometimes it stops working, but I havent experienced that yet.  In fact, my colon tumor has dissappeared, and so have many other tumors.  There are several left in my liver, so I am having an interventional radiologist perform targeted treatment on my liver tumors.  I am having a microwave ablation tomorrow.  After that heals, I will get radioactive beads to kill tumors in right side of my liver.

It is alot to deal with sometimes, but I am very happy that the treatments have worked for me so far.  It is an answer to many prayers!

Good luck in your treatment!


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Thanks Joan. You make me feel a lot more comfortable about the effects. Thanks for the tips, I hope I can handle it as well as you. Good luck with your treatments!

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