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My ca-125 came back stable, but elevated. I had my fourth dose of Doxil today. My doctor was surprised, but not alarmed. I have been battling a minor cold, I have bad sinuses too. I have no baseline number. i will get a Ct scan soon. 

How long until the results? What chemo is next? Is stable still "good"?

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Stable is good. Even a minor cold can push your levels up.

Your CT scan will be the best source of information to show whether Doxil is working for you or not. I'm hopeful that you will get great results.

How are you feeling?

Love and Hugs,


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i feel great. Except today, but just had chemo. the doctor said he was surprised, but not worried or alarmed. 

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Jodi, just checking-in to see if you've gotten the results from your CT scan? My results get released onto the hospital's online portal within a few days so I generally see them before my next scheduled doctor appointment. Wondering if yours is the same and hoping to hear good news from you! Kim

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Nope, Ct scan not scheduled yet. The doctor seems VERY confident, so I am not too worried about it. 

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