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Feeling grateful

mlph4021 Member Posts: 76

All week so far. Huge improvement for me, as I was so unhappy and feeling so much anger and self pity before.

Anyway, today I am extremely grateful for the insurance plan my company provides my family. When we were on hubby's insurance, our deductible was 10,000 per person and then 10,000 co-insurance! And it cost us a fortune every month. According to my doctor I had this then, thankfully I didn't know it, or we'd be 20k in the hole. :) 

I am also (finally) grateful my cancer was diagnosed, and for my surgery, and that it is now presumed "gone." I am choosing to believe now that I beat it, until a future scan tells me othewise. A lot of my doubts are starting to fade, the constant, "What if..." and I am starting to move forward. 

I have also started tackling a lot of things I let pile up since diagnosis/surgery and it feels good to cross tasks off my list! 

This could all go south tomorrow, the chains on my mood swings aren't strong, but for now I am thankful. I think a big part of it has been coming here and hearing from others going through it. Thank you!! 


  • Jan4you
    Jan4you Member Posts: 1,327
    You sound like you are re

    You sound like you are re-grouping and on your way to a full recovery.  Mood disorders can be exacerbated by surgery/illness. So if you don't start to improve in a few weeks, see a mental health professional for an evaluation. You can and WILL be better now!

    Sending you healing hugs,


  • Max57
    Max57 Member Posts: 175
    You are cancer free

    When I had mine it was such a disturbing news I didn't see it coming  when my doctor was telling me I had cancer I thought he was talking  about some body I don't  know .....me having cancer no no no not me....after the serugery start getting better..mood disorders....very normal you me and others went through a lot your brain need time to adjust ......you right now cancer free so enjoy life