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Surgery and Subcutaneous Nodules

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Surgery and Subcutaneous Nodules

Unfortunately my Kidney Cancer continues to spread regardless to what I do. The good part, if it is good, with the exception of the subcutaneous nodules, it is not spreading fast. My question is has anyone been diagnosed with subcutaneous nodules that needed to be surgically removed. I have one on the inside of my left arm, one on my neck, one on my right schoulder, one on my breast plate, one on my right rib cage, and three in and around my right hip and groin. The surgeon wants to attack them slowly and remove 2-3 at a time and not put me through the strees of trying to take out too many at once. He is also worried about my immune system which isnt working and getting an infection. I was recently in the hospital during Thanksgiving (that now makes it two out of the last three years I have been sick and in the hospital during Thanksgiving) and he is concerned that I am still weak.

Any insight or info you can pass on is greatly appreciated. Thank you.




  • Jan4you
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    Dancnbear, I am so sorry you

    Dancnbear, I am so sorry you have been so sick and struggling. ENUFF! I don't have any answers, but hopefully others will come to offer you their experiences.

    Why not have "Thanksgiving" at another time when you are feeling up to it? Pick a date, best you can. Don't want you to feel left out. Still... we're here for you, hang in there, best you can!Healing hugs,Jan

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    I had two removed about 20

    I had two removed about 20 years ago on my back it was done right in the drs office and they never came back.  Wasn't any pain either he sliced them dug out the sack suttured them up and they were the size of a nickel good luck