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I had a scan 2-3 weeks ago. Just wanted to pop in and say it was NED. I'm feeling pretty good about it. This is the first scan I've had in 4 years that I experienced very little scanxiety.

When I had my followup, the oncologist didn't even see me this time. He had the PA see me. I'm not sure if I like that, but I decided to take it as a sign he thinks I'm doing well instead of getting negative about it.

I've been working on my weight. In two months I've lost 22.5 pounds. I'm about half way to my goal. I'm feeling excited about this.

All in all, good news to report.

Glad to see you all and catch up on how everyone is doing. Welcome to the newcomers and sorry you have to be here. However, this is a good place to be if you have RCC.




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Congratulations, Todd! So happy for you! I got NED news today, too! We are NED twins!

Great job on your weight loss! You are on a roll!



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Skagway Jack
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Good on ya Todd,  great news.  More to celebrate with you and Jojo too!



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No more scanxiety! Ride the wave.

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I'm happy to hear your good news and congratulations on the weight loss as well! I'm glad things are going your way.


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Happy for you Todd :)

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Less of you, more of Uncle Ned -- Woot!

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Glad to hear such good news for YOU! And then add weight loss..wowee!

Hugs, Jan

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Glad to hear it, now you just carry on that way

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on both the NED status and weight loss.  No doubt you'll make that 45 lb goal. 


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Glad to hear about it! Weight loss... My husband should follow your example and try harder :-) but all his attempts fail :-)

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I've never had success before. I'm in a medically supervised weight loss program at the local university. They are using a program by a company called HMR. The first phase of the program is a very low calorie diet. It includes weekly classes, close tracking and contact with a registered dietician, weekly visits with the doctor. For me, this is the first thing I've tried that has really worked. They have 3 programs. Two are weight loss programs and another is a maintenance program. They push for more exercise, sleep, sticking to the food plan, drinking enough water. The classes are great.

After losing the weight, I had the best kidney function numbers I've ever had in 4 years. Not sure if there's a connection or not.

I was pretty miserable so I'm glad something is working.

I also attend OA meetings about once every two weeks. It's a very supportive program.




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The program sounds amazing, Todd.  It also sounds as though there's a lot of work on your part, too. Good for you!

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On both, congrats!

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Great news - I am very happy for you!  Congratulations!


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Good to hear from you and with such good news!

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Todd, so happy for you. you were one of the first people to respond to me when I came here looking for support. So happy for you

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2017 so far Ned to many friends......

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What a great start to a new year NED, and weight loss, it looks like 2017 is going to be good to you.


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Congratulations....on your great news, NED & weight loss.  That's awesome.


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Great news on being NED and the weight loss. Congrats. Way to go!

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