Happy NEW year

Happy "New Year"  everyone!  Let's make it a safe, healthy, and happy NEW year!  There will be ups and downs and struggles, so cherish each day! 

Sal0101 (yep! 0101 = New years birthday!) I love each year! 


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    Happy Happy

    Happy New Year to everyone!

    Let's look forward to new treatments and a lot more success stories in having their cancer in remission.

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    Happy New Year

    May we all enjoy a Happy, Healthy New Year where we recharge and energize in 2017!

    Happy Birthday Sal wow!!!  My birthday is five days before Christmas and wedding Anniversary is three days after so on New Years Eve all we do is stay home, cook our traditional food, play games and watch baby videos.  My absolute favorite day.

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    Happy everything!


    happy birthdays, happy wedding anniversary, and I'm with you all on wishing for remissions, novel treatments, and the strength and optimism to make it through the rough patches.