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SCT update

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Joined: Sep 2015

Three month PET/CT shows that my stem cells are doing what was planned after the SCT!( diffusely increased marrow signal in the axial sleleton, presumably due to marrow activation).  PET shows nothing else!!

I am sooooo happy right now, although I keep thinking " been there, done that"  Moving on!!


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Joined: Feb 2012

what amazing news. So happy for you! How are you feeling physically three months out?

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Posts: 133
Joined: Sep 2015

Compared to when I came home ( I thought I felt ok, but thinking back I was pretty beat up)  I am feeling great!

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I am so glad that everything is moving in the right direction after the SCT.  What a great way to great the new year.

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So, how are you feeling 3 months out??  Expect fatigue.  I'm almost 6 months past zero day and pooped out by the end of every single day.  Happy New Year to all!


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Posts: 133
Joined: Sep 2015

Thinking back to when I first came home and the stairs looked like a mountain and making it through a shower was a huge chore, not to mention getting dressed afterwards, I'm doing great! I am also tired by the end of the day, but then I feel like I've had a productive day! Luckily I have a husband who loves napping!!!

I can honestly say that I cherish every year getting older and no longer worry about turning 50,60,70 etc!!  59 tomorrow, thus the 0101!! 

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Great news, and a great start to the new year. Also looking forward to it!

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Sal0101 I'm so happy to hear your great news!  What an encouragment to others! Happy New Year and wishes for better health in 2017!

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Would love to hear your story.  Scheduled to meet with Loyola Bone Marrow transplant Dr. on Jan 25th.

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