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Thankful to find you!

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I have searched off and on for over 3 years for a group of women like myself who are experiencing serous carcinoma . every board i saw was from 2011, 2013 that I gave up until yesterday when a dear friend suggested i try again,and here you all are!


I was diagnosed in May, 2013 and have been under some treatment ever since- carbo-plat, carbo/taxol, carbo/ docyl, taxol,, doxyl,  and for the last year i have been getting Avastin once every 3 weeks. it had been shrinking any tumors i had up until around august, but scans since then show that one implant is getting a little larger.I consider this my 2nd recurrence. The first one happened 5-6 months after carboplat.... my Ca 125 has also gone up, but still considered ok. dr says i am stable, but i do not consider something growing...slowly as it is..to be stable. but it is a day by day thing as you all must know.


SO i am just going to eavesdrop for a while until i feel i can contribute something. i wish you all àll the best, strength, courage and determination not to let this .run your life and control your mind.


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you got here!  We've been waiting for you.  Please jump right in.  

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Sounds like you are hanging tough!  Glad that you finally found us.

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This is the most amazing group of ladies - you can feel free to come here for support, questions, venting etc. etc.  Someone is usually along fairly quickly to help out as we link arms and walk this journey together.  I feel so blessed to have found this place to come.  Sounds like you've already been through a lot.  Prayers as you continue and as always (((HUGS)))

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Lou Ann M
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Welcome to,the club no one wants to belong to.  This is a wonderful group ladies and this is a great place to come for information, compassion, and support.  Join in when you feel ready.

Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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It's a shame it took you so long to find us...I can't remember how I stumbled onto this site, but it's a safe place for us all to come to when we need the company of others who get us like nobody else can. Feel free to chime in whether you feel like you're contributing or in need for yourself. You just never know when what you share or express will help someone else even when you are just letting off some steam or falling apart. You are not alone when you come here!

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This is a good place where all are welcome.   We're glad you found us! 



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Welcome Tripsie! Glad you found us. Please don't hesitate to come here for anything. Nothing is off-limits.

Love and Hugs,


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This website has a LOT of information concerning the different types of uterine cancers that all the ladies have or have had. I have been on the site since 2011 some even longer.  Sadly some of the original ladies that contributed to the information have passed, some do not come often but still check in.  All of the back history of the site and their journeys are still here.  Great place to come and vent when things are going bad and to celebrate when things are great. trish

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I too, would have loved knowing about this site earlier on. I found out about it from an arbitrator when I could not get support for a doctor-ordered PET scan.  I was also diagnosed in May 2013. Same grade of tumor, but not the same tumor type, and no signs of recurrance at this time. You have been through a lot, as have many on this discussion board.

What part of the world are you from?


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I am VERY happy for you that you didn't get my type of cancer. You can say goodbye to it. ...u asked where i am from...long island, ny and you? Also our names are equally unusual..mine is Drena. (e e ) hope you had a good New Year's Eve. i did and have for the last couple of years because i am here and supposedly stable at the moment. not being negative, just realistic  since I already had one recurrence.   I say I am starting a other since Ca 125 is slowly creeping up from 16 a few months ago to 30 now and my last ct showed a smidge of growth. to me, growth is growth so stable is not a word i would choose.... anyway, you can drive youself crazy with all this and occasionally i do.....take care and Happy, healthy new year.

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Welcome Tripsie! Feel free to join in when you are ready! This is a wonderful place for support and info

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I love what you said in your initial post, "...I wish you all the best, strength, courage and determination not to let this run your life and control your mind." I truly believe that a diagnosis, such as all ours, can be just as hard on us mentally, as it is physically. 

When I received my diagnosis, there was much gloom and doom in my household. And, much reason to believe there was no hope, as all the studies found were very out-dated and offered nothing positive. Finding this site, gave me much hope and encouragement.

Prior to getting my pathology report, but after finding this site, I sat my family down and said, "We are NOT going to let Cancer define me or this family!  We are NOT going to let it rob us from our daily joy. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow. I could drive out this driveway today and be hit and killed by a truck, and not cancer. It is inevitable, each of us will die."  I then went on to ask them, "Would you rather have notice of Mom passing or loose me suddenly?" Of course, they answered to have notice.

From that day forward, I have been determined to put Cancer at the back of my mind and not let it rob from my family or our uncertain future. My diagnosis is rarely a conversation, in our home. In fact, now that I have been feeling well and somewhat normal (my new normal - Lol!), I forget all about what I have gone through and the reality of its seriousness. When someone asks how I'm doing and then goes on to say I look so good, I literally have to stop and think why they're asking that and making that comment. I shock myself, at times, with how much I have been able to push it to the back of my mind. That's when I'm the happiest - when it is suppressed and not a thought in my day.  Worrying and letting it control us, will not change our outcome, but instead rob us of each new day's joys and blessings.

Be blessed, continue being a warrior, keep us updated, and Happy New Year!!!

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Welcome, Tripsie and happy New Year. Sorry to hear about your marker creeping up but as you know, that can be caused by many things that are not cancer-related. Hopefully it's just one of those! I know that it's easy to say but try not to worry too much about it. Cancer already steals so much so I always try not to give it anything extra!

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