Been through 12 chemo treatments and now going for biopsy

this post is for my son in law. He. Has been through 12 chemo treatments for Hodgkin lymphoma. Today he had a biopsy and was told he may have to go for either stem cell or radiation as the 12 initial treatments didn't get all the cancer. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Hopefully he will join the forum and have these discussions with you. I am a head and neck survivor of more than 4 years and keep telling him what a great place this is. 


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    I remember your photo from three years ago, Roar.

    Sorry about his new trial with HL.  There are differing thoughts on salvage therapy for most HLs today.  Treatments go through what you might view allmost as "fads," as if they were clothes.

    HL has fewer non-SCT options than NHL does, but there are drugs toward this.

    I have never been a SCT fan, but there are cases when it is required. His relapse happened fairly fast (under 3 years), which could suggest aggressiveness. If radiation was mentioned as an option it probablyy means that his recurrence is limited to a small area. Meet with a radiation oncologist to discuss that option . Radiation is extremely easy SCT, but it is not systemic: it does not get everywhere in the body, the way chemo does.

    It is critical that he do a detailed review of options -- do not just accept the first recommendation of his doc. Ask specifically if any transplant alternatives are available.

    SCT is almost always a harsh, severe experience, but it does save a lot of lives. I would it undertake it at a Center that does a lot of them, since it requires a huge amount of specialized expertise.   

    Good luck to him. Share what you learn and decide,



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    Pathology is everything

    I know of a recent case in which a man was treated for Hodgkin's Lymphoma, which is a B-Cell Lymphoma. It also demonstrated a partial response. The biopsy sample was re-examined and it was discovered to actually be Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma, a rare type of T-Cell Lymphoma. Treatments and outcomes are radically different. I would make absolutely certain that what he has is actually Hodgkin's Lymphoma. There are different treatment regimens for relapsed or refractory Hodgkn's Lymphoma. Here is an information page on relapsed Hodgkin's from the Lymphoma Research Foundation:{0363cdd6-51b5-427b-be48-e6af871acec9}/HL09RELREF.PDF