Thankfully Still NED

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I went in this afternoon for my quarterly checkup and thankfully, all is still clear.  These quarterly exams are sure nerve wracking but necessary.  I asked about another scan since it's been a year since my last chemo but my PA said unless there's some kind of symptom, they just don't do them routinely anymore. long as I'm still feeling good (and I am), they'll see me in three months.




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    That's great news!


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    Way to go Eldri!

    Such excellent news!

    Ned will make your news year's holiday even better.


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    So Happy to hear this!

    <BIG, BIG GRIN>!!!   After what chemo put you through, it just makes sense that your cancer should be gone, gone, gone!

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    Great news Eldri! I hope you

    Great news Eldri! I hope you continue the dance forever!

    I am getting another scan on Friday. My oncologist - chemo doc wanted them every 3 months. Crazy! I agreed to every 6 months and if this one is clear, I think I'm going to stop doing them. My gyn-onc doesn't believe they should be done unless there is an indication of issues. I hate it when we get differing medical opinions!  And, honestly... I trust my gyn-onc more.

    Love and Hugs,


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    What wonderful news.  I am so very happy for yo. Keep dancing with NED. I am sure your husband won't mind one bit.

    Lou Ann

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    Dance away, Eldri!

    Always great to hear this good news on the board.  Yeah, the whole "to scan or not to scan" seems to be all over the map, and it doesn't seem to matter much what grade, stage or what.   Doctors just seem to have differing opinions.

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    Im so glad for you

    Im so glad for you

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    GOOD NEWS!!!!

    YAY for YOU <3  So happy to hear that you are doing well.  My Dr. also doesn't believe in doing scans.... it's a bit nerve wrecking not knowing what's going on in there but I just have to trust that it's clear and that if and when it isn't I'll have a sign.  I just passed my 2nd exam since chemo- they have mine a little closer together right now.  I'm sure it will be a 3 month schedule before I know it.  (((HUGS)))

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    Fabulous news Eldri! I'm so

    Fabulous news Eldri! I'm so happy for you. Enjoy life!

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    Congratulations.  NED is

    Congratulations.  NED is great news to hear.  trish

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    Thanks so much for sharing

    Thanks so much for sharing this wonderfully hopeful news, Eldri! I join-in with everyone who is wishing that you keep up the dance with Mr. NED forever! Kim

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    Congrats Eldri!!  You are

    Congrats Eldri!!  You are starting the new year in a really great way.  Many hugs!! Maryanne

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    Wonderful News!

    Thanks for the update, Eldri! Congrats! Way to go to end this year and to begin the next one!

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    Fantastic!   Thank you for sharing your good news with us!

    My best to you,


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    Glad to Hear That You're Feeling Good Eldri!

    And still NED!! Did you do a lot of cooking for your family in recent weeks?


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    So Happy!

    I am always a bundle of frayed nerves when I go for check ups!  Always such a relief to hear the words all clear!  So very glad Eldri!


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    Great News!!

    I'm so glad this was you Eldri. I haven't been on in some time and was looking all over for you, but with the photo you had prior. I couldn't remember your user name - only your first name. Lol! It is so wonderful to see everyone with more hair (Kim, Chris, Cindi, etc.).  This group is so inspiring. Keep up the GREAT work ladies. And, Happy New Year with many blessings of joy, peace, love, and continued health. So excited to have 2016 behind us, with 2017 before us. Love and hugs to ALL!!!

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    Wonderful to hear, Eldri!

    Wonderful to hear, Eldri! Wishing the best for you!


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    So glad to hear your news!

    I am so happy for you Eldri! Tests/checkups are unnerving, but how relieved you must be to hear such good news!

    Best wishes