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Too young

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I can't help but notice, I'm the youngest on here by far. Can't help but think if I was 70-80 this would be alot easier. I'm only 39 years old, just found out what a prostate was, a couple months ago.

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You are too young...I couldn't agree more.

I am the wife of a 60 year old who has Gleasons of 9 and 10....we are just going for a second opinion on treatment and further diagnostics on Friday. I can't imagine the fear you must feel, and you have every right to feel it. Please, understand, there is a great deal of hope! You are also right that you are one of the youngest I have seen here, BUT, look at the survivors who have had 10+ years and do some subtraction...you are young, but others may have had a similar start. 

I have done a load of reading on this blog (my husband has not done any at all, as he and I are different in the way we handle life events such as this) and I can urge you to listen to the wisdom and experience of those on here. VGama and Max, as well as Hopeful and Optimistic, have been a tremendous help to me. I couldn't agree more with some of the advice you have been given to this point...educate yourself! 

I pray you have a good support system (wife/girlfriend/significant other, family, friends, etc.)...they can help you through this. Today is just a day, prostate cancer is something in your life today, but it doesn't have to define it for years to come. It can be a part of who you have been, but not who you will always be! 

Hang in there...I, for one, do not believe you will be a deadmansoon....believe, read, learn, listen, ask questions, and educate yourself! Get a second opinion and be sure you are working with good doctors. Check out this site for some help in leading you to top hosptials in your region... http://health.usnews.com/best-hospitals/rankings/cancer


You will be in my thoughts and prayers. 

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Hey Bud,

I am 44 and have a biochemical recurrance after RRprostatectomy and am now scheduled for salvage radiation. I have gone on a vegan alkalotic diet and hope to pound my PSA down before the radiation so I can cancel the appointment.  Younger and younger folks are getting this disease and frankly no one has said why?  So if anyone has an appropriate answer please go ahead and say.  I am not sure I wish to have the radiation as I was unlucky enough to have the recurrance and I am already damaged in the pelvic region.  My urination is compromised and I am afraid of what I will face from the side effects of the radiation.  My erections are pitiful as my testosterone is low.  I was originally monitoring my PSA because i was taling the testosterone to increase my libido and it worked great.  I commiserate with you and wish you the best.

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Man I'm sorry to hear about the recurrence. I'm a gleanson 9 so I know I'll have it come right back. I haven't had treatment yet, just found out. Would you recommend surgery or just go straight to radiation treatment? 

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Perhaps one reason is that the food supply is now toxic.  Research says that eating meat will cut your life span by 30%, same as smoking.  All kinds of processed foods have additives and chemicals that cannot be healthy.  Air quality is poor as well.  The killer stress is compounded by life styles that are almost devoid of true spiritual values.  The pharmaceutical and medical industries are full of charlatons who overprescribe toxic drugs and poisonous treatments.  Drug use is rampant, as people think it is cool to do a few lines or try some extacy.  Your Vegan choice is a good one.  Personally, I think Meditation is a great asset, and one that is overlooked by most.  Congratulations on taking charge of your life and not just surrendering to the possible maltreatment of a corrupt medical industry.  Best wishes for your future and recovery.  Acceptanc, love, meditation, and a positive atitude will be your best friends.   ]

Love, Swami Rakendra

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