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Cancer really sucks.

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I really hate this disease.   Dec 11, a good friend at work was in the hospital, some posted that she had Pneumonia.  Dec 13, I see her at work again and I recognized the hair cut.  When we talked she explained that it was not pneumonia but stage 4 Lung Cancer.  She had already started treatment and had her first chemo, she said she was thinking of me when she shaved her head cause I came to work bald all the time.  She was very optimistic that she had the right doctors, clinic and the right treatment and was going to beat it.  I even gave her information about the cancer treatment place I went to if she wanted a second opinion, the next week. I took off on Dec 22 for the holidays. I learned that she passed away yesterday.  D%mn this disease really sucks.  But I have to be thankful that she did go fast and did not have to really suffer much but I really hate that she is gone way to soon.  Just venting.  trish 

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So sorry that this happened and how it makes you feel. It hurts my heart every time I hear something like this on this board or in the news. We had flags up and down our street for the parents of a neighbor boy who died around Thanksgiving from leukemia. He was a senior at Annapolis and was just diagnosed in August. You said it all..cancer really sucks.

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I'm so sorry. Too many too soon! It really sucks!!

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Yup, cancer sucks BIG TIME!!  I'm so sorry about your friend, Trish.



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Trisha, Yea cancer stinks so bad.  I hope you dont mind me sharing this but your story reminded me of something that happened to me recently.  While I was going through chemo an aquantance came to see me. I told her about my cancer and she told me about how her dad just finished radiation treatments for prostrate cancer.  Everything seeemed great for their family.  Well about three weeks ago I was at my church waiting for my son, and I asked this girl how she was and because i had cancer she felt comfortable telling me that her dad's cancer had spreed and she talked like he was going to die.  I was so sad for her and this dad passed away within a couple of weeks.

This is what i am thinking.  Trish i am so glad you and your friend got to talk before she passed.  I often felt angry that i got cancer again and couldnt understand why.  When I had my experience with this girl I felt that I was supposed to get cancer to be there for her.  Im glad you were there for your friend before she passed.  It would be better that no one got cancer but we sure no how to support and love each other. Janae

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So sorry to hear this Trish!  It really does suck. I'm glad she did not suffer and wish she could have caught it early enough to save her life. :-(

Sending you loads of support!

Love and Hugs,


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Lou Ann M
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i was taught that suck was a bad word, but I think it fits cancer perfectly.  Way to many way to soon.

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I use a much stronger word than "suck" but I'd be booted off this board if I typed it.  It is hard to see friends go so quickly and sometimes without much warning.  

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That is tough news for you and for us- I had someone pass unexpectedly - someone told me it was lung cancer- it was Christmas day she went in and the next day she was gone. 

As I read all the comments it sure does make me think about how fortunate we are that we were able to have these extra moments- we have TIME- we get to LIVE TODAY- I think being through this makes us see our lives in a different way and hopefully we will be more sensitive to those we come into contact with and we will have a heart of gratitude for even the mundane things - the fabric of our lives.  We can make the rest of our lives the best of our lives.

Blessings to each of you today- live it like you love it  (((HUGS)))

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I agree 100%.  Cancer changes us, that's for sure.  I appreciate life a whole lot more and I let things go (like dust bunnies) that in my BC life, I would have fretted over.  I'm also nicer....not that I wasn't a nice person to begin with but now I'm REALLY nice!!  I smile more, take my time to see if I can help people, talk to strangers, look at problems as opportunities - I'm a better person because of this d*mn cancer.



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Well it was not the lung cancer that took my friend, Glenda, on 26 Dec, it was a pulmonary embolism in her lung.  Still sucks because cancer is one of the risk factors.  Thanks for all the feed back.  It does help to know that someone else can understand the feelings of loss and being able to vent.  trish

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Whatever the reason, it is still very sad that you lost your friend. May your memories of her only be good ones. RIP Glenda.


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Trish, so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.  Feeling sad.


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Hi Trish,

It truly is awful and so unbearably common. I was glad last week that one of my nieces asked me about signs of ovarian cancer - which she apparently thought I had, rather than uterine cancer. I was just so happy that she was not as deceived by the false sense of immunity that is more typical for her age group, and that she wanted to know. -j

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Know how you feel Trish!  I had two friends who went in for pneumonia and ended up being Stage 4 Lung cancer.  One decided no treatment....she passed three weeks after diagnoses at home with Hospice.  The other decided on treatment.  She had three chemos, was doing great, tollerating chemo very well.  Her 89 year old mother went in her room to wake her only to find she had died in her sleep.  I agree, cancer sucks, but everytime I thing about the friends I've lost(just this year) I see the kids with cancer and my heart really breaks.  They have'nt even begun to live!  I am so sorry about hear about your friend....Peace to you!  Best, debrajo

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Thanks for.all the thoughfulness, I really appreciate the friendship and caring from everyone.  Trish

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