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A holiday update!

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Been awhile that I have been on the blog - made a handful of postings about my experiences and wanted to update to give some positive thoughts to those undergoing treatment at this moment and those who have finished.

Was diagnosed 5/2016 with T2N2bM0 squamous cell carcinoma of the left supraglottic larynx, Stage iVa

Underwent 33 radiation and 7 chemo Starting 6/21 and finishing 8/4. Was on the PEG for nearly 6 months. Had a PET scan early this November and was NED - got the news a few days before my 64th birthday!

As far as my lingering side effects:

My taste is back maybe 70% - eat mostly simple foods now (PB&J, ham and Swiss, potato chips, eggs, etc.) and drink at least one high calorie shake a day: Orgain protein powder, coconut oil, benecalorie, soymilk, banana, frozen strawberries and water = 900+ calories.

Fatigue is minimal - I workout moderately at the gym 3x per week and hit tennis 2-3 days a week. Oddly, playing sets with stop and start is more fatiguing than constantly hitting for an hour.

Saliva: not working yet but dry mouth is not bad - have water with me at all times and when eating and sip 4-5x during my sleep hours.

Started at 200 lbs and was super fit when I began treatment and gargled/swallowed glutamine. I know it lessened the side effects as I had very very few mouth our throat issues (I chose to use the PEG tube a few weeks in as I could not stomach the metallic taste). Am at 171 lbs. - my ideal weight for 6' 2" and am not putting on weight as I seem to keep my calories at around 2000-2200 per day, not enough to add weight. I feel great though.

My sleeping is deeper than previously and I seem to wake up more slowly than before treatment.

My teeth and gums are great - I used prescription fluoride all during treatment and post as well. 

All in all, got thru it a-ok and look forward to getting my taste and saliva back.

If you are going thru treatment, know that you will get thru it and look back in a few months at how amazing you did and how well you responded to the treatments!

Wishing you all the best of holidays and NED for the rest of your lives!!







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Congratulations on completing your treatments and giving an after actions report on how things have gone for you so far. Keep doing what you are doing are the words my Surgeon always states when I see him. 

Yes, we have a new normal, but we learn to adjust and move on.

My Best to You and Everyone Here

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Gee, I hope most of us see reflections of your healing in the mirror.


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