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Well, the saga continues and I am certain that someone here on this discussion board has experienced something similar.  I am looking for input.

I was just released from the hospital after being admitted (via ER) witih infection.  For over 24 hrs prior, I started a a temp of 101.5.  1 day of Cipro did not bring it down so my oncologist sent me in thinking I probably had Neutropenia.  My last treatment of Rituxan/Benda was Nov 29, with Benda only the following day.  Nuelasta pod was administered on day 2.  Broad spectrum IV antibiotics were ordered immediatley along with an unbelievably long list of tests.  

While the preliminary diagnosis of Neutronpenia was determined to be incorrect (WBC was too high at admittance) a nasal swab showed positive for Rhinovirus and Enterovirus.  Within hours of that diagnosis I woke up at 3am with diahrrea. I'd been warned of this since I was on so many antibiotics, so I was prepared.  When I let my nurse know she declared would need a stool sample to test for C-diff.  I complied but didn't know what C-diff was. 

Lo and behold, the C-diff came back positive.  I was isolated in my room, taken off the IV antibotics, kept on IV Fluids and given Flagyl.   After having 13 BMs in 7 hrs the Infectious Disease Specialist put me on oral Vancomycin.  (I now had one more Doc to add to my team.  Yay!)

The Vanc seemed to slow down BM's very quickly, however daily WBC tests showed decline in my Neutrophils, down to 0.9.  Masks were added to gowns and gloves to protect me.  By Thursday morning my Doc said he was releasing me before I picked up another infection just being in the hospital.  I had been there since Sunday evening, not a long stretch for many but I was feeling better and quite frankly just ready to get home.  

My next treatment Cycle 5 was scheduled for 12/20.  That has been put off until 1/3/2017.  A PET Scan rescheduled from 12/19 to 12/29. 

My question to this Discussion Board is has anyone else been diagnosed with C-diff? Doesn't quite matter to me how you got it, but I'm wondering how you are living with it.  

I am very appreciative and grateful that I am home and feeling good, all things considered. 


Diagnosed Follicular Lymphoma 9/2016, Grade 1 Stage 3B.  

Current treatment 6 cycles Rituxan/Bendamustine.  Have completed 4 cycles.  

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My Mom had C-diff and it ultimately was fatal. It got in her lungs. She caught it in a hospital which is where most people catch it. Also can be caught from dogs. Unlike you, she was 89 years old and very weak. We had to wear gloves and masks while visiting, especially me with my lymphoma. Your fragile immune system is in a temporary weak spot but will recover and kick C-Diff's butt. Please stay out of the hospital, even visits, while your immune system recovers, and be carefully not to spread it to your loved ones. Thats a gift you do not want to give. Be especially careful in the bathroom. Happy holidays and speedy recovery. I am sure the latter is coming your way.

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symptoms are limited to the GI tract and complications that arise from it.

I do not have this problem but a relative close to me did.

It is a changing field and treatment is changing (you may read about fecal transplant)

Hand washing with soap and water is key.  Other methods of cleaning are not helpful.

What is confusing is that there is also such a thing as asymptomatic carrier state (after the

initial infection).

Hopefully this helps a little.





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In extreme cases this bacterium can spread beyond the digestive tract to the lungs and also to the blood stream causing sepsis, but this is unusual. My oldest daughter is a nurse and she says it is very common but most people are clear of it within two months. It is hardest on elderly people over 80 And people with HIV.

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hope your cycle 5 goes well tomorrow. Thinking of you and wishing you well!

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