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The Universe (or at least Tylenol)

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Dang! What did I just say about the Universe having a better imagination than I have? Tonight I was (re)introduced to the reason I haven't taken Tylenol for over 30 years. 

After I'm on it for a few days, I get headaches, chills, sweats, feel feverish. I haven't gotten joint pain or a sore throat, but those would be the next symptoms down the pike.  I had the symptoms while I was in the hospital, then they subsided, which I thought was a post-op thing. I didn't have Tylenol at home, so there was a bit of a lag, then they came back and kicked my butt this evening.  Fortunately, my surgeon was the one on-call. 

Plan B:  Go the natural.  Breathing, humor, tai-chi (seriously adapted tai-chi, but since I'm studying to teach it, I can work that out), music, art, meditation, prayer, walking, coffee, and chocolate... And if that absolutely doesn't kick the pain, HALF a Tylenol instead of two.  The doc thinks I can do it.  So do I. 

[Two minutes for a mini meltdown: BUT I DON'T WANT TO! Okay, meltdown is done, party's over, nothing to see here, folks, time to go home.]

Stay tuned for spiritual woo, magic-muffiny stuff. Or not. I'll be doing it with a less anxious presence so as not to frighten the horses (or myself). 


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Ah JerzyGrrl.....you are doing great!!! Don't worry about the tylenol....all your other options sound great - especially with that sense of humor of yours!

Another good option is what Jan4You has mentioned before....dry ice. I bet even ice would help!



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Joined: Jun 2016

One of the Tylenol side effects I get is chills where I end up shaking rather violently. So I'm going to hold off any thoughts of ice for a while. 

I am already starting to feel some better. This morning I'm still feeling a little chilled, but no shakes. The headache has gone. I'm fortunate to have a washer and dryer, so I keep putting blankets in the dryer on high. That's helped me get through the night OK, although I only got maybe two hours of sleep. 

I see a day filled with naps in my future...

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Or get a prescription for something else.  Tylenol, for me, is like taking nothing at all, and if it's the codiene version, gives me a horrible headache with nausea and still does nothing for what it's meant to treat.  I used a lumbar support, helped a ton!....didn't know about Jan's recommendation at the time of dry ice, but would definitely try that.

LOVE tai chi, can't find anyone in our area to teach a class anymore.  Here's a little funny, speaking of tai chi:  one of our daughters is a manager at Starbucks and some guy came to the drive thru.  Instead of requesting a Vente Chai Tea, he said Vente Tai Chi. LOL   Had all the staff in tears of laughter.  Makes me wonder how frequently that happens.

God bless you in your journey of recovery,


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Thanks for the ideas. Not too sure about other meds. I can tolerate a wee bit Advil, but that's a blood thinner, so I have to wait a month to six weeks to start taking that. Won't really need it so much by then, i hope. I'm using a small firm pillow as a lower lumbar support. Sure seems to help. 

Gee, if I'd been at the Starbucks, I would've been tempted to deliver the venti with a "parting the wild horse's mane" flourish. 

The version of Tai chi I'm studying is simplified, with less movements. It's hard for most mere mortals to remember 100+ moves. Simple is good. Right now, I'm basically doing it in a balanced stance without moving my feet very much - that, and going easy on the twisting. 

One thing that's been useful for me in general, post-surgery, is lifting my front / midsection using my upper back muscles. Gives a nice stretch, helps me be upright, and doesn't torture the abs. I learned that in Tai chi. So glad. 

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Hope you are back to feeling better Soon! I remember the post op stuff all to well. Hang in there you will be back to your pre surgery self real soon. 

Ps... love your sense of humor ;))


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Jerzy--I hope you have someone to help you through the recovery.  It's hard enough to deal with the emotional part of this disease and the physical side of surgery.  The side effects of the pain meds add another layer to the struggle.  If you don't have help--please know that you have the emotional support of members on this  board.  We're pulling for you and sending good thoughts and prayers.


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Thanks, Stub. This board is and has been a great support system for me. I appreciate all of you so much and only hope I can at least try to be there for others as you folks have been for me and each other. I live by myself (well, except for my dog, but he's not due back home until tomorrow or Monday). Today, I've had two friends come by, one ran an errand for me, the other listened to make sure I didn't go "thud" when I took my shower. Also, I've had some friends texting, phoning, and messaging me.

But still, it is just me at the end of the day. I definitely appreciate the thoughts and prayers.

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I mentioned you would do great. You're a super star.

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