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keeping copies of reports.

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One of the most common recommendations is to get copies of all your scans and reports for future need. Believe me it's true. After 5 years I have put them into good use. They have all been rolled into logs and fed into the wood stove. It may be 9 degrees outdoors but it is 75 in my house! Actually with computer access to my records, I no longer get copies of anything.

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But I do origami. And I have a papercutter and I'm not afraid to use it. 

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Way to go Fox.  Hope you're warm & toasty.

Jerzy - paper cuts are the worst!!  LOL  Those are worse than kidney surgery....hahaha


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Donna, you bet LOL, especially paper cuts in the fold between thumb and index finger (although there's generally less scarring than with kidney surgery). Now, a surgeon who made incisions using paper cuts?! The. Worst.

Fortunately, origami paper (or the other paper I use for origami, much of it recycled) seems to be the pleasant beneficent sort, so paper cuts are rare. Not to mention, my papercutter is the rotary kind (not the guillotine kind) so there's little or no risk of getting fingers involved. 

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The longer you are into recovery, the less amount of paper you ask for.  That's my observation.

And here I thought you were going to push us to get copies of everything ... always!

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I thought the same as Dutch! But I like Foxy's new option even more!!



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your right.  All that matters anymore is today. At this point when I have 3-4 weeks between visits, I am more excited to see hospital personnel than worried about my visit. I've got cancer. I'm pretty stable. That's all. Details? Who needs details?

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for 4 years. They have everything computerized and digitized. Getting a copy is easy. I got one two years ago for a consult at another place. It was a very simple process.

I don't get copies.

I think if you're bouncing around to different labs, different radiology centers, etc., it might make sense to save everything in case you forget, but if you're going to the same place, I don't know if it makes much sense.


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