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Anyone had cryoablation of lung mets?

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I had my Dec. CT scans w and w/o contrast and a bone scan that came back clear everywhere except my left lung, which now has two small mets (5mm and 6mm) in the upper left lobe, had a 2nd opinion and the concensous is get them out asap, with the preffered options being 1. surgery, 2. cryoablation or 3. sbrt. Im scheduled to meet Wed the 14th with the surgeon who took the two mets out of my right lung in April of 16 and make sure they are surgically removable. Its not the end of the world if I have to have the surgery again, I now know what to expect and its not that bad, but the cryoablation idea is tempting, although its not done where I live so thats a drawback.

Has anyone here had the cryoablation thing for lung mets and if so did it work, and where there any serious side effects?

Sept 2011 left kidney removed

April 2016 two right lung mets surgically removed

Dec 2016 two new left lung mets,removal to be determinded this week.

Ive had no treatments other than surgery.


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