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Christmas and Cancer

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I know many of you use integrative medicine in your treatment protocol. I thought this would be interesting
to everyone if you are not aware of it.

As most of us know, three wise men from the east travelled to visit the baby Jesus and presented three gifts
to honor his birth.  The gifts were gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Interestingly, these same three gifts are supplements frequently used in treating cancer patients.

Frankincense (known as Bosswelia) - is known to be an anti-inflammatory.

Gold- it is believed that gold may have actually been curcurrmin, as this spice was more
revered than gold back in those times. Curcurmin (made from turmeric) is an anti-inflammatory,
anti-oxidant and anti-microbial.  It is one of most popular supplements used by cancer patients.

Myrrh - produced from a tree- Myrrh has many of the same benefits as curcurmin.  

Perhaps the three kings were called "wise men" for a reason. All the gifts help treat various diseases.
I use all three supplements in my cancer treatment protocol.

Happy Holidays!


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Interesting post Takingcontrol. Thanks for the thoughtful input.

Love and Hugs,


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Do you use the frankincense oil or do you take capsules?

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I take two capsules a day. Also get a monthly massage and have her
use frankincense oil.


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Thank you for this.  I appreciate the interesting perspective.  

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