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First meeting with urlogist

Steve.Adam Member Posts: 463
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I had my first meeting with the urlogist on Wednesday (7th Dec.)

I'll be getting a bone scan and a 'telescope' inserted to check my ureter and another meeting with the urologist in about a month. That's when the big decisions are made, I guess. Though I also guess that the big decisions are made for me, more or less.

The doc said he'd most likely need to remove the whole kidney and possibly the ureter too. That's what the 'telescope' is checking for.

More waiting...

Funny... A nurse phoned me to go through some stuff before the 'telescope' appointment. She asked me if I had an enduring power of attourney and I started thinking 'just how big is this f***ing telescope'? I guess the Hubble might be fatal.


  • Jojo61
    Jojo61 Member Posts: 1,309
    Waiting and testing, waiting

    Waiting and testing, waiting and testing. That telescope does sound a little imposing! LOL.

    Hang in there!



  • icemantoo
    icemantoo Member Posts: 3,358 **

    The old Hubbel Telescope. What fond memories. As far as the Durable Power of Attorney, that is just a rourtine form for some backup to make medical decisions if you are unable to. Not needed for that test.




  • mrou50
    mrou50 Member Posts: 389
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    Hope all goes well

    I hope all goes well with the testing, and yes the scope sounds a little frightning.


  • stub1969
    stub1969 Member Posts: 937 **
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    Steve--please tell me they are going to knock you out for the procedure.  Holy Cow!