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WBC Count Low - Chemo Delayed

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On my 1st chemo 3 weeks ago my WBC count was good so my dr did not give me the Neulasta Patch, however yesterday it was low so she is delaying chemo for 1 week and then also giving me the Neulasta Patch before I go home then.  I asked her why I couldn't still get the chemo and the patch yesterday, she said I will be exposed to any number of infections so waiting a week is what we will do.  She said there is nothing I can do to bring the count up on my own.  I am eating healthy and exercising.  I am not sure what difference 1 week will make if I don't have the Neulasta.  Does it give my body another week to build up WBC on its own?  Has anyone had this happen?  


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Maryanne, This is a common problem. And, you will be amazed at how much an additional week can make.

If you haven't already, please read 'Ladies going through chemo'.  This thread has loads of information on chemo impacts. Several ladies that posted had low blood count delays. I think it will ease your mind.

Stay strong!

Love and Hugs,


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Lou Ann M
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I had a lot of infusions postpone because of low platelets and once because of really low hemoglobin.  I was always ok with the white because I always had the Nuelasta shot or patch.  A week does make a lot of difference with those counts.

Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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Maryanne, it is amazing on how quickly your WBC can go up.  There were a couple of times when my count was low the day before I was scheduled for chemo.  By the next morning, it had tripled!  There is stuff going on in our bodies we just don't know about.  I know doctors usually say there is nothing you can do to bring your WBC up, but I made a point of eating salmon, oranges, potaotes with the skin on, chard and spinach.  I was lucky and never had to delay my chemo.

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Chris, I was told to "push the protein" and as hard as it was to eat sometimes I always had multiple servings of protein.  Even then, my last chemo was delayed a week.  It is funny how our counts can change so rapidly. 

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It's the worst feeling getting all geared up and then being told you can't have treatment.  I got a Neupogen shot and was able to go in the next week and my numbers were great.  Everyone is right- from then on I had the Neulasta Onpro shot which they activated at the end of my chemo treatment and it went off about 27 hrs later for 45 min. after it is done you just peel it off and put it back in the plastic pkg they send home with you and you can give it back to them to dispose of.  My very last one my numbers hadn't recovered very will even with the shot but she gave it to me anyway since it was my last.  This time of year unless you are absolutely NOT around people who could be sick I wouldn't think they would allow it.

I was told to take a Claritin each day to help with any bone pain.  I'm sure it would have been worse without it but there were definitely more side effects for me that lasted about 3 days.

Hang in there (((HUGS)))

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WBC's have a very short life cycle... 5-7 days, so that's why waiting a week when they are too low can make all of the difference.

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Helps to know that this isn't unusual.  Minor setback then back to chemo next Monday.  I have started to eat more salmon with organic kale/spinach and tomatoes in a sandwich.  Very good to know that next week hopefully my numbers will be way up.   

Luckily I am only working 6 hrs a day and I shut my door today to keep all germs out.  My boss is a great lady who has 2 other friends with cancer so she knows all about the things I am going through and prays I will get to NED. 

Thank you ladies!!!  Love and hugs to all of you!!  Maryanne


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Not unusual at all but also not without emotion!  It stinks to have to delay.  Hoping your numbers rise quickly with the break.

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