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Seeking Opinions on UCLA & USC surgeons for Colorectal LAR Surgery

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Hello Everyone,
I'm preparing for Lower Anterior Resection surgery in the Los Angeles area. I'm interested to know if anyone has opinions about surgeons. I hear the the colorectal surgeons at UCLA and USC are quite good. If you have any personal experience with UCLA or USC surgeons, especially if you've had surgery performed by one, I'm really interested to hear from you. Feel free to reach out via PM if you prefer.
Thanks All. Stay strong.


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I can't help you with information about surgeons in your area, so hopefully someone has dropped you a PM or will be along soon. It has been rather slow on the forum of late. 

I wish you luck as you go forward, and pray that whatever surgeon you go with, with be succesful in getting you to the NED stage. 


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I interviewed a USC surgeon 3 years, but wasn't impressed. After 3 other interviews I chose Dr. Murrell at Cidar Sinai. Both him and the hospital blew my mind in their professionalism, care and quality. I hope your insurance works there. 

Doing great after 3 years and wish you the best.


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He's one of a very limited number in the country that can treat appendix cancer, which requires even more involved surgery.

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I thought he was at UCSD. I love him, but my HMO wouldn't let me go to him for HIPEC in 2009,  ihad to use a surgeon in Santa Clara.  Now he's my HMO's HIPEC guy.

Dr. Lenz is a great colon cancer doctor at USC, but I don't think he does surgeries.  Still I've consulted with him off and on since I was first diagnosed.  Good luck, Traci

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UCSD, not USC.  My error.


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