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VIN and Laser issue

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Hello all! 


Thank you for for sharing your stories.


I have VIN. Diagnosed 4 months ago. I've had lichen sclerosis for 10 years. I've never been diagnosed or had hpv symptoms so it may be lichen related.


I just had laser ablation 3 days ago. I was told to take sits baths, keep clean, and water squirt  bottle the area after urinating ... All of which I've been doing. Although the treatment was to the sides of my clitoris and my labia majora, my labia minora ( and clitoris) have swollen to an incredible size (3-4x normal size). The swelling is not improving with time. I'm not sure if it's worsening, but definitely not getting better. Its difficult to walk around with this bigness btwn my legs ... Thankfully I'm at home for 2 more days. I have burn marks and a bit of pain but my main concern is the swelling. Well except one black spot is a bit scary to look at. I can't imagine how it will heal.


 Is this type of swelling normal for this many days after laser? 


Has anyone else experienced heaving swelling for 3 or more days after laser? What did You do to resolve ...  or did you need to go to the hospital (if it's a sign of infection)?


Sorry I probably sound naive but I'm new at this and wasnt forewarned about this issue.

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Ciena, I am sorry I cannot comment on your issues but I would recommend you call your doctor.  I wouldn't say you were naive, I think everyone is different and your reaction could be different than someone elses.  Please come back and let us know how you are doing and what you tell us may help others in the future.

Hugs my dear. 

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