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Some News Perhaps?

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Testosterone cycling showing more promise in some resistant Pt's



 Hmmmm... the link to make this a hot link is grayed out.

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Thanks for the news. I wonder what may be your interest in this subject.

I think that your link is an interim report. I am very interested on the matter and would like to know the results of a proper clinical trial on the subject (if any). In your link they write this to be a study that was based on a previous pilot study, involving 14 men with CRPC (castrate resistant prostate cancer). News on BAT (Bipolar Androgen Therapy) was also referred here by the survivor RonJT (https://csn.cancer.org/node/306807 ). I know that the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center did a clinical trial using Testosterone to treat refractory PCa patients, but do not know if that trial has any link to the pilot study referred above. I also do not know if these two studies are equal (using the same techniques and principles of evaluation) or just similar. The 2000 NIH trial details are here; https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT00006044

Your link lists the JH team involved in the study, and I became very curious in knowing that Dr. Mario Eisenberger belongs to the group. I know him and read several clinical papers he wrote. Together with the medical oncologist Dr. Alex Chang (JH) he has helped me in my PCa case from 2001 to 2009. I still maintain contact/updates with Dr. Chang. (maybe Eisenberger is reading them. Lol)

My interest regards the behavior of the cancer when it is subjected to high doses of testosterone after a period of total (95%) abstention. I am at present on IADT (intermittent androgen deprivation therapy) which principle is somehow identical to BAT. I call it the "Now you see me now you don't" therapy. It quiets the bandit during an indolence period while one recovers from the HT effects.

According to the study, 37 refractory patients (mCRPC) were aligned to protocols of Testosterone injections concomitant to, either Zytiga (abiraterone) or Xtandi (enzalutamide). It doesn't explain the full details of the previous treatments these patients were been administered. It seems that these were on Zytiga or Xtandi and just continued with them adding a 400mg dose of Testosterone cypionate injection every 28 days.

The results were complex. Some presented lower PSA responses (indicating the end of refractory therefore continued response to HT). A few had RECIST responses (lower number of tumor lesions in image studies). I wonder how long the period of efficacy can be maintained.

What I take from the above is that the trials confirm the efficacy in the intermittent modality of administering hormonal therapies. It prolongs the period of efficacy of the hormonal drugs before refractory sets in. The cancer is faked into believing that androgens will always be there so that it doesn't need to mutate its receptors (AR) or start producing its own androgens for survival (Darwin principle on the mechanism of evolution).

Thanks again,


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My interest, like so many others I assume,  is simply to learn as much as i can, share what little i may and try to maximize my own odds at survival. One day at a time.  ...Bill (aka WM)

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