Clickbait or real news?


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    Fox "News" and The Sun

    Personally, I wouldn't believe "at face value" anything published by Fox "News" or The Sun.  The Fox "News" article is a re-tweet of a post in The Sun.  Here's what Wiki-quoute has to say about The Sun:

    "The Sun is a tabloid daily newspaper published in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.  [snip]  From 1969, the paper has gained a reputation for colourful, if sometimes controversial, headlines."

    That's reason enough to question the veracity of the article and to require serious fact-checking.





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    Testosterone to shock tumors

    I agree with Swing above. Hard to believe on the "fantastic" news publised in those papers.

    However, in regards to the subject of this news, it is a fact that, since 2000, the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has been running a clinical trial using Testosterone to treat refractory PCa patients. I wonder if this news refers to the results of this trial. The trial details are here;

    In any case, the news say that "... no remaining trace of the disease after 22 cycles of treatment and appears to be cured, said the researchers", indicating that the comment is not final. There is no prove of efficassy of the treatment in the cure of PCa.



    n Treating Patients on ing the testosterone tests

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    bipolar therapy using testosterone.

    Thanks Vasco

    While the headline on Fox was overinflated claims with a kernal of truth to "sell the stroy", there are some studies going on with bipolar therapy alternating ADT and high dose testosterone.  This is from Johns Hopkins Hospital.  Perhaps the best part of this treatment is a great improvement in quality of life during the testosterone phase.



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    You can read my comment on this subject in this link;



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    The VA has been doing this

    The VA has been doing this for those who request it for the last two years and have said that the results look promising but at this time will not include it in their primary options for Prostate cancer treatment until further numbers are available.