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Chemo and Blood Clot

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Anyone here ever get a blood clot during chemo. I did and I'm not even finished with round 2. I had no idea blood clots could be a side affect. The ironic thing is I went ER for intestinal issues. Kudos to the ER Dr. Anyway, I now need 2 injections of blood thinners a day through chemo.


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So Sorry to hear that!!!  I googled it really quick because I hadn't heard of it or had the problem and there is a ton of information if someone isn't along soon to share their story. 

SO GLAD they caught it at the ER and your Dr. has a plan for moving forward.  Everyone is so different.   (((HUGS))) and prayers <3 <3


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Just having cancer makes you more prone to blood clots. I actually had a mild stroke after 14 weeks of chemo. They didn't attribute it to the chemo but to a previously undiagnosed afib but I'm sure all the stress of chemo and cancer didn't help things. Good luck and I'm glad they caught the clot before it caused you more problems. 

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Lou Ann M
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Blood clots were one of the first things my oncologist warned me about and he always checks my legs for any sign of swelling.  When I went to the ER with pain in my neck that is also the,first thing the,checked for.  Later I had a mild heart attack that the doctors believe was caused by a blood clot caused by the chemo drug Avastin.  Gv8H4

Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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Hang in there, Shari! You can do this and we'll be here to chear you on. Kim

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Crazy cancer! There are so my different things that can happen as a result. The ER Dr also told me there was a nodule in my lung. I don't know if it was something my oncologist knew about or not. That was the 1st I heard of it. Guess I'll find out next week. Oh, and I left the hospital with horrible neck pain, too. I figured it was just the hospital bed. So frustrating, makes me want to pull my hair out...lol. Oh thats right, I have no hair, I mean rip my wig off..lol.

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look at you, sshhaarrii!  Cracking jokes!!  

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I can see your humor between the pain and frustration. Definitely follow up on that lung nodule and be your own advocate.  I just had mine removed and it's highly suspicious for cancer. I will be praying for you.


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Hang in there, sweetie. Unfortunately this is a marathon not a sprint. 

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Hang tough, sshhaarri!  It does seem like something is always popping up during chemo.  Just hunker down and plow your way through this.  We're with you!

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The side effects of chemo are unbelievable!  Last year when our oldest granddaughter was a junior in high school, a classmate died at school on a Monday morning after having chemo on Saturday.  The whole school was just devastated.  The school's principal is the son of a good friend of mine and she said he was just heartbroken.  What a shock for that family!!!  The mother said she had no idea you could DIE from chemo.  

I wish you the best and totally understand you wanting to pull your hair (or lack thereof) out.  The only thing you can count on with chemo is that you can't count on anything!!



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I'm so sorry. Yes, I knew about the blood clot possibility. I had a friend who had one while on chemo. I took a trip while on chemo and the doc prescribed the leva injections. I had an appointment at the bleeding and clotting institute here and the doc their advised the shots while on chemo, too. He even warned that having a port causes some inflammation too. I take Aleve daily anyway for my knee pain and which has some blood thinning properties, too.

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