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taking dexamethasone steroid before chemo (carbo/taxol)?

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I was wondering if everyone/anyone who has had carbo/taxol was required to take dexamethasone (steroid) before each treatment? I had a reaction to the steroid when they gave it to me with the cisplatin, (they said it was for my chronic nauseau) and my heart almost exploded out of my chest...I refused to take it again, however, they informed me that if I do not take the pills before I begin carbo/taxol they will not be able to treat me. Is this the norm? Was everyone else here required to take these pills as well before chemo? Im scared I will really get a heart attack if I take the required 10 pills they want me to take before treatment. Thank you everyone...Diana

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Lou Ann M
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I was given it before,each infusion of Taxol/carbo. It was to keep me from allergic reactions to the,chemo drug.  I didn't have it for the,first infusion of Doxil but when I broke out in a nasty rash, they gave it to me for,the,next,six of those.  I didn't have,the.pills, they gave it to me in my IV pre meds.  All went well so I never asked to not have it. I understand why you,would want to,skip it.

Hugs and,prayers, Lou Ann

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Yes, I took steroids before each infusion and didn't have any problems.

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Thank you...I guess I'll have to cross my fingers

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So sorry to hear that you had a bad experience- such a serious response would make anyone nervous.  I also had a bag of IV steriods hung before I recevied my Taxol/Carbo to prevent a reaction to the Taxol.  I didn't have any problems.   (((HUGS)))

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I had steriods before each Cisplatin and later on Doxol and Carboplatin I had steroids and Benadryl as I also had a mega reaction to Doxil all IV before the chemo no pills.

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I take the pills the day before, day of, and day after chemo. I also get IV steroids before the chemo infusions. I haven't had any reactions except restless legs. Is there any chance something else caused the chest pain? That would be very scary. 

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Ditto to all the ladies.  Took it the day before and stepped down in dosage the days after. Maybe you can tell them your concerns and talk about alternatives.

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I really appreciate everyone responding....it gives me some assurance that others had to follow the same regime. They gave me no other options...take it or they cannot treat me, so I will ride the storm come January and pray for the best. Thank you again everyone!!

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I had it too, via IV before I got my Paclitaxel (Taxol) and Carboplatin (Paraplatin).

Other pre-chemo drugs I got to protect against nausea, sores etc. were: Benadryl, Emend and Pepcid. On my 3rd round I had an allergic reaction to the Emend (fosaprepitant). My chest started to burn and the room seemed to have no oxygen soon after that infusion began. We called for the nurses who called the doctor and stopped that drug immediately. I did not have it on my last 3 rounds, and suffered no ill-effects by not taking it.

Cheers to you!!


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