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Laz Trubrit and Yolllimbs meeting

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Finally, after five months, I am able to post the picture of the day I met up with Yolllimbs and Laz. 

It is wonderful meeying friends from the forum. I am working on meeting up with Danker now. 

Laz Yolllimbs Trubrit

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Joined: Jan 2013

I am unable to edit my post and apologise for spelling your name wrong, Yolllmbs. 

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I pm'ed you Sue, but I guess it didn't go through. Sorry I couldn't make the last SoCal swing, but let me know about the next.......................Dave

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I didn't get your PM. I know there are two ways to contact, but not sure how to go about it. 

This meeting was the one back in May, when we didn't get ahold of you in time. We will get together on the next visit though. 


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Where's the 'like' button?!

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It's nice to see your faces! Great picture. Makes me long for warm weather. 

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And seconding JJs posts, where is the like button?

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I agree, we need a "like" button!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyon!


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You know you're on the list of 'must meet'. Next time, OK!


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Great if you can meet a kindred sole. It does make a difference . Did for me a few times.

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What a great picture and rally of support!

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Wow Trubrit you have met a lot on the board.  This picture is awesome.  Looks nice and warm where ever you are.  You all look amazing.Smile

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It was back in May in So. California. Lovely weather. Lovely people. 

I have been very blessed to meet several members now. Nana, God rest her beloved soul. Yolllmbs. Laz. Danker.  I intend to extend this list in 2017. 


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I missed Yolanda in NY,=(  I hope I either get to your side of the country or you guys get to mine one day.  One kid out and two almost there!  I'll have guest rooms in about 5 years!  lol

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I think we should make another West Coast trip happen. I'm willing to host!  Helen you need to come my way. Tag you're it!

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Great pic. It's nice to put a face to the names. Glad you all got together.

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