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Hi, I had surgury Oct 30th 2015 on lower left lobectomy.  I did not have to have radiation or chemo.  It was smaller than a stage one cancer.  I thank God for that and appreciate all the prayers.  I do however have a situation that I would like to see if anyone has been thru before.  It seems that the vegas nerve was damaged and the diaphragm for the left side is paralized.  I cannot walk and talk at the same time.  I get out of breath and cannot exert myself.  I have trouble with normal everyday things.  The surgeon wanted to see if it would improve so I have been dealing with this for 1 year.  The surgeon now says that they can go back in and do a surgery to "shorten" the diaphragm to see if that would aleiviate the problem.  I would like to know if anyone has had this proceedure and if it helped.  I think it is called diaphragm plication.  Any comments would be appreciated.  Thanks and wellness to all.


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    You might want to ask this

    You might want to ask this question on the boards at It is monitored phys oncologists from a number of NCCN designated Cancer Care Centers of Excellence.