Terminal Lung cancer spread all over the place. wow

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Hello all. 

First off all i would like to say, please dont tell me you pray for me or my family or anything about god. as i have no faith. and i find those words are empty to me.

My mother aged 61 has a 3cm mass in her lung a 4cm mass on her liver Bone mets kindey mets the cancer has now spread to her Face. she is covered. she was told she has cancer about 2 months ago, i must admit it is shocking how fast this thing hits your loved ones. she is angry now and upset at everyone and everything. of course the only thing im doing is trying to make life better for her, im not taking the things she has to me to heart because i know thats due to the pain. doctors have said there isnt much they can do for her apart from palative care. 


Just wondering if anyone has exsperiance with this? im sure they wont hit my mom with a massive dose of chemo it will probable be only used to dull the effects.


Thank you for your time in reading this.


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    Unfortunately I have

    Unfortunately I have experienced this with my brother. By the time he was diagnosed, the lung cancer spread everywhere, nothing could be done. He didn't want to believe it and tried to find Drs. Who would treat him. No one would except to help manage pain. He died 4 months after diagnosis. I know what you are dealing with and I am sorry you have to go through it

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    If your mom has a mutation
    If your mom has a mutation that has a targeted medication for it she may respond well to treatment. The mutations I am looking for are EGFR (Tarceva) or ALK and ROS1 (Xalkori). Occasionally patience with a poor performance score, patients who are unable to get out of bed to reach a commode without help with have been known to have a 'miraculous' response. If she is too weak to have a standard biopsy she can request a liquid one.