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Update on Recurrence of UPSC from October 24, 2016

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Hi Ladies:

  I saw my oncologist this morning.  I start chemo on Wednesday, November 30th. I will be getting 3 kinds of chemo - carboplatin, taxol and doxil.  I have not had Doxil before as I went through the intial cancer treatment in 2011 and just had carboplatin and taxol.  Can any of the women let me know about the Doxil medication?

   I will also be getting a Neulasta shot and I had one of these shots in 2011 on my 5th treatment so I am familiar with that. I wll be getting some minor surgery to have the Port installed on Tuesday, November 22nd.  I will be getting the chemo every week for 3 weeks, then have a week off.  In a couple of months, I should be getting a scan done then in the spring (probably in May) I will be getting surgery of my omentum and spleen removed.

   My oncologist is new and just came to the practice in October. He is at Crozer Cancer Center in Delaware County, PA in Upland in case anyone is from this area.  He did practice in the Bethelehm/Easton/Allentown area from what he mentioned to me in October.

  I read some reviews on him and he is compassionate which to me is really important.  He said to me I should think of UPSC as a Chronic disease so I do have a cancer book which means it can be managed for many, many years.  Anyway, I do have a positive attitude and have a lot of hope and faith.  I know I will get through the treatments okay as I went through chemo before and made out well with those treatments.  But it is anxiety as you know, and I wll be concerned with it - I just hope I can get through all of the treatments.

  I do have a good outcome from the cancer from what my oncologist mentioned to me a couple of weeks ago.

  I will keep you ladies informed and do keep me in your prayers.  


a/k/a Jane

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Lou Ann M
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Luckily, we all react a little differently to each type of chemo.  Doxil was not a good match for me.  I found the side effects harsh and unpredictable.  Lots of digestive problems and hand and foot syndrome.  A lot like neuropathy except that it traveled up my legs.  It did work on some of my smaller tumors, but let a larger one intwined in my intestines causing a complete bowel blockage requiring an open bowel resection.  Fatigue was also pretty bad.    Others have had pretty good luck with it with not many side effects.  

Hoping for success for you and an easy time with few side effects.

Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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Jane, So glad you have a plan of attack in place. I hope you are able to tolerate the treatments with minimal side effects.

Please keep in touch as you go through this next battle. We are all here to help.

BTW, if you haven't already considered using Lorazapam or some other mild anti-anxiety med to get you over the hump, please do. There is no reason to brave through this when there are things to help out there!

Love and Hugs,


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I had Doxil, few side effects, but mets right away so it did not work for me.

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Hi Cheerful

I am going to start again on the Carbo/Taxol, but I am skeptical because I wonder if it ever worked in the first place.  I am seeing a doctor (that I already started with) for a second opinion at Mass General Hospittal in Boston, but I have had and will likely continue my treatment in Providence RI because Boston traffic is my worst nightmare!  But this guy is very good at recommending treatment and keeps up with clinical trials all over, so I am seeing him on Tuesday to get his take.  I'll let you know if he has any different suggestions.  Also, I am very wary of Doxil, and I know my doc is too, as I have already got highly reactive skin.  That stuff terrifies me.  I wish you well on this- we all help each other get past this.  

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I admire all you ladies as you continue to battle through this d*mn disease!!  I am following all your posts with great interest.  I agree though that UPSC is a chronic disease but it's good to know more and more treatments are being developed all the time.  I know sometimes women who have other female cancers other than breast cancer get tired of see all the money raised and the publicity.  But, I do think that research spills over to us especially in the development of new drugs to fight cancer.

I'm sure, one day, I'm going to be in your shoes and I wish you all the best of luck!!



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Jane, you know we are cheering you on.  As already said, glad to hear you have a plan.  

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