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BCG Pain or Damage from Biopsy?

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My Partner was diagnosed with Bladder cancer 2 years ago. He is 32 and has been having treatments on and off. normally every six months he will have a series of treatments. The last few times he has seen his specialist he has been cleared of the CIS tumours and the treatments are purely maintenance treatment. However now 4-5 months after treatments he still has a lot of pain when going to the toilet and goes to the toilet frequently (He gets up at least 6 times a night). He went to his GP to check for infections and has been told there is no infection.

His first biopsy was extremely bad and he was in hospital for 3 days bleeding and clotting. He was still passing clots 2-3 weeks post biopsy. Obviously this was concern enough to get a second opinion and change specialists. His new/now specialist did note there was a lot of scar tissue in his bladder however didn't really go into much detail.

I am concerned, as he goes to the toilet constantly and can only hold 300ml of liquid In his bladder at any one time. I feel this may be from the biopsy and scar tissue and not actually from the BCG treatments however it is hard to get the medical staff to say much on the topic.

Is anyone else still experiencing pain or such frequent urination so long after treatments and how long did it take for the pain to ease?

Any info would help.  


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