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Naturopath weighs in...

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Hi Ladies, ..an update.  Had an hour long conference with my naturopathic oncologist today and as a result am feeling somewhat better. She said I am not a milk carton and there is no date stamp on me.  My doctor was using statistics, can't possibly know when I am going to die, and proceeded to tell me about her friend Dr. Nasha Winter who was diagnosed ith ovarian cancer at 19 that spread all over.  She taught herself how to take care of herself, eventually became a naturopathic doctor, and is still living with the cancer 27 years later.  At one point her CA125 got up to 4000.  The point...no one knows.

She agreed with my decision to forego chemo for now because what is being suggested didn't work before, has little chance of success (20%), and is extremely toxic.  But we will be doing plenty!  She is increasing the strength of my mistletoe injections, changing up my supplements to support liver health, having me do a two week cleanse between Thanksgiving and Xmas, and isgoing to set me up with a local clinic to do intravaneous high dose Vit. C and high dose Curcumin.  It is given like a chemo and takes about two hours.  She said we would take it down the road for 10-12 weeks and see how things react.  She is so comforting!  She said we are only talking about two little dots on my liver (for now...) and she says I am an exceptional patient.  After the holidays we will see where we are, and if needed, talk to Kaiser about introducing immunotherapy.  It's a plan!! Feel very encouraged!!

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Great news Helen!!!  Only God knows and he continues to bless you in so many amazing ways!!  I am so very happy that many other options are available and praying for a huge success.  Many of the ladies here are living and thriving with different stages of this disease and I am so hopeful that after chemo I too will be able to be one also.  I was looking into a naturopathic dr after my chemo is done sometime early next year.  I know that the clinic I go to in Dallas does not have one on staff but I will ask my Gyn Onc if she may know of one in the area.  I think that conventional plus alternative medicine is the best combination as it gives us a whole body treatment.  Will continue to pray for you and your family for an excellent outcome!!  Many hugs! Maryanne

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Helen, that sounds soooo encouraging compared to your other doctor.  Many, many people are living with cancer everyday as a chronic condition that gets treated like other chronic health problems.

Please let us know how it's going!



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Helen, it's wonderful that she was able to help you see things from a different perspective and to develop a plan that you are comfortable following. Praying that these treatments take care of it and that you can get back to focusing on living your fullest life! Kim

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That is great news Helen! I'm glad you have an advocate in your corner to help get you on an immunotherapy drug if needed. I'm wondering if you should also find another medical oncologist to work with your natural path? For your current Med Onc to basically dismiss you is just not in your best interest IMHO....

Please keep us updated.  Hoping for a long life for all of us!

Love and Hugs,


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That is really great news.  I don't know if you have a printout of the curcumin info or not but I have one if you are interested- you can send me a message and I can email it to you or ???   I am doing Artusunate IV Therapy - we were going to do Curcumin but my ND liked this other to start.  I also have a printout on that.  We are also alternating a support IV of Vit C, B etc. in addition to a lot of natural supplements and a decoction.  Are you doing Pectasol or Turkey Tail Mushroom?  Those are supposed to help with mets.

I am SO happy that you and your husband and family can head into the holidays with this brighter outlook.  Thank you for sharing it as it brings each and everyone of us hope as everyone chimes in with suggestions, opinions and support.   ((HUGS)) and prayers continue <3 <3



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Thanks so much!  I would love the print outs! - Helen

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I'd love those printouts, too, Nellasing.  The more information, the better.

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that is great!  I would not do chemo either. You are feeling so great. Enjoy and live!

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Hi Daylady,

It sounds as if you have a very progressive plan.  Good luck.  My first ND was Nasha Winters, and I am in a group with a number of patients who also started their treatment under her.  She has since left general practice and is doing some sort of oncology consulting now.  But I feel confident that her advice is what has gotten me where I am.  Other patients in our group are not NED, but they do rather well on their integrative treatments plans.  Some are in conventional treatment and others are managing things with treatments such as the ones you are looking at.  There are a number of women in our group who have been NED for a long time.  When I first used integrative therapies, I wasn't sure I believed in them, but now I am a firm believer.  Best of luck.

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Hi Tethys and Daylady, 

My mom has uterine Carcinosarcoma stage 3c2 and is currently undergoing her second chemo treatment. I've helped her change her diet and exercise but I'd like to get a certified naturopathic doctor involved. I see Nasha is in Colorado which is where we live. Do you still work with her? Or was there anyone else you liked? im interested in combining integrative therapies with the current chemo and radiation. Thanks 




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Im so glad you have a psitive plan. 

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Great news,  Daylady.

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Hi Angela,

Nasha currently offers some sort of oncology counseling.  Her website is called Optimal Terrain Consulting.

I currently use Namaste Health Center in Durango.  They specialize in oncology.

I don't know much about it, but there is a clinic in Boulder called Naturemed.  I know they have some experience with oncology.  

There is also Integrated Health Solutions in Colorado Springs.  

I think you are wise to look into this for your mom.  Good luck. 

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Thank you! I appreciate the info. 

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HI, I like to check that route too. Does your doctor know anyone in California, bay area who believes in that route?
From what I read, I am not sold on chemo...sorry. it is my last resort. 

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