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Ct scan found 1.4cm solid enhancing renal mass

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i have been suffering from pancreatitis and having pseudocysts.  After numerous ct scans they found this mass on my left kidney.  I'm terrified to say the least especially after just having 4 surgeries on my pancreas. I'm waiting for a referral to the kidney dr but I don't even know what kinda questions to ask.  Please help!

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As far as a possible diagnosis of Kidney Cancer you are believe it or not lucky that it is so small.  The kidney doctor will explain your options which may if it is confirmed to be Kidney Cancer or likely Kidney Cancer involve another surgery.Not what you wanted to here but at 1.4 cm your prognosis for a full recovery is excellent from surgery alone. Lets hope with your background of prior surgeries that this small mass is something else. As far as what questions toask, you want all of your options explained. Sorry you had to meet us here. I had my kidney removed 14 years ago with a 4 cm mass.



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Mass in that size grow very slowly or even idolent in a lot of cases . As Icemantoo mentioned, they can be benign too. Even if it is malignant, there are plenty of options available just because of its small size. Just make sure you find the team that you can trusted and willing to listen to your concerns.

You might also find this website useful:



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That is a relatively small mass.

Sounds like they caught it very early which is very good.

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Iceman is right. Its been caught early and the prognosis will be excellent in the long term. You are lucky they found it so early.

Glad you found us

Sorry you had to look for us

Good luck

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An early catch goes in your favor so hang in there.



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Nddarlin, so sorry for all you have been  through; such pain! Never heard of pseudocysts. is that a medical term?

We understand your shock and worry, but be reassured yours is small and most likely very curable!

Many on here are NED=no evidence of disease, even though we continue to be monitored which is a good thing.

We're here for you, so please try hard not to worry. Use that energy instead on LIVING with appreciation.

Sending you a calming, healing hug,


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Is the mass solid or fluid-filled? Where is it located?The physician will probably show you the CT, so you'll see. 

Very small is good. Kidney masses don't generally grow like kudzu (in other words, they grow rather slowly). Bring a friend with you to help you remember and listen. I joked with my friend that I needed to remember to bring paper bags (to breathe into, in case one of us hyperventilated). 

Keep us posted.

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