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what do you think?

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Last scans August 2016 came back clean, next scans Nov 21st, results on Nov 23rd. Im going to be in Tampa for a couple of weeks in early Dec, my wife thinks I should make a appt. at Moffit to get a 2nd opinion since we are going to be in Tampa for other reasons. It wont cost me anything since Ive already met my out of pocket for the year, does anyone think she is right or just paranoid. If the scans on the 21st are clean I really dont see a point, now if something shows up on them Im all for it.


2011 left kidney removed stage 1 grade 2, 5.7 cm

2016 Aprill two lung mets surgically removed

Have been on no treatment of any kind




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I would love to have a holiday from worrying about cancer, but then I generally do what the wife says. How about you talk it over with the wife and then do what she says.

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First of all, I am sorry for all you been through. Now the "unknown" seems to be beating you and your wife up a bit. I understand  your point, why get another opinion. Yet I also would trust your wife's logic and intuition. What do you have to lose if you do get another opinion?

Again, its not for us to decide, but for you and your wife agree to at this time.

Let us know how you are doing ok?

Hugs, Jan

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The wife is always right. Makes things easier.


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May I also suggest you take copies of your scans with you.  Maybe you can avoid some testing and yet get the benefit of another set of eyes.

Good luck, whatever you decide.

God Bless,


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I would get the second opinion.  You seem to have had a good run until now ... with the lung mets.  I have a lot of confidence in my oncologist, but at a major event such as the appearance of new mets, I would seek out a second opinion.  When there's a big fork in the road of one's cancer treatment, get another viewpoint.

Best wishes to you.


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I think your wife has a very good suggestion.  Moffitt is world class.  My oncologist there is Dr. Mayer Fishman.  He is brilliant.   It should be easy to get copies of op notes, discharge summary, and tests from your medical records department.  Then go to the radiology department and request all your scans on a DVD.  I have had no problem obtaining these.   Actually my hospital/clinic has electronic medical records and a patient portal so I can print off all my reports myself.


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