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advice please

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  I went for my annual pap 2 weeks ago and had a follow up ultrasound for an ovarian cyst i had a year ago.

When they did the ultrasound they said they saw a 1cm lesion on the os of the cervix which was suspicious for malignancy...of course i totally freaked out.

I went to a gyn oncologist who said the pap smear was perfectly normal...he examined me and saw nothing..which is why he didn't do a colposcopy because there was nothing to biopsy.

   He wants me to have an mri with contrast.  

I am in a hysterical panic here as i have been having abdomen and lower back and pelvic pain ...(which is why i wanted the repeat ultrasound thinking it was the ovarian cyst which is now by the way gone).

   My uterus lining was fine.

i also had a catscan of the abdomen and pelvis without dye and it was fine.

 i'm waiting on the mri next week.

any input please??????


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Tigger, please try to take a breath. 

So far it doesn't sound like they are finding anything - and that is GOOD!  A gyn onc is the guy/girl who would know what they are looking at.  Waiting is the hardest part, but if they gyn onc is the one going to be looking at the MRI with contrast - you couldn't ask for a better doctor to be doing it. 

Hang on - try not to get too far ahead of yourself sweetie.  Let us know how it all goes. 

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