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Sarcoma Cancer

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About six Mponths ago my husband had a Sarcoma Cancer in his right thigh. The doctors said chemo and Radation would not help him as much as them going in and taking it out. They did four surgies on him and finally got it they said it had not got to the bone yet real close but not to the bone. They removed the Gricilic muscle and another muscle but they said he should be fine now. It is time for us to go back for a three month check up and he has been having alot of pain again and I see him limping just like he use to. I am so scared of what the MRI'S will show they are going to do three of them it was a Maxiod Sarcoma Cancer grade 3-4 they told us the cances of it comming back would be 25%. Has anyoe else had this and delt with this can you tell me what to expect. My husband id my best friend and I dont want to lose him.


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My husband has a undifferentiated polymorphic sarcoma. It's my understanding that my husband's is a subset that has 4 types.....My husband's is a storefront-polymorphic. Apparently your husband's is one of the types called maxiod.


I don't know enough to give you any advice. My husband had his removed ed from his thigh not terribly long ago. He's been going through testing to be sure it hasn't spread. My husband's was also in his thigh. They have recommend raid a tion for my husband. I am surprised they didn't recommend radiation for your husband. Did they give you a better explanation as to why?

Sadly these cancers are notorious for coming back. Was your husband's high grade or low grade? How big was it?

Have they done  pet scan?

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wondering how scans came out, any news? Hoping they were clear! My husband had sarcoma in his left thigh. he had two surgeries to completely remove it with clean margins and will begin radiation in February. His was UPS Stage IIa high grade 3... sounds very similar except his didn't not go into his muscle or bone. I think he was very lucky to have caught it early.

many prayers and well wishes for all.


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I desperatly need info from any Adult who has had any success with Ewings Sarcoma treatment. Please let me know if you are in remission or had a good outcome after being diagnosed withEwings Sarcoma as an adult. We are looking for hope after it rescently came back and spread to other locations.

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is he seeing a Sarcoma specialist? I don't understand why he's not having radiation. I was diagnosed with a stage 3 Sarcoma in my left thigh in August. I was immediately put on a chemo regimen of doxorubicin/ifosomide which shrunk the tumor by 30%. Had chemo, then surgery and am now in radiation. It's important to to see doctors who specialize in Sarcoma as it's rare and many Oncologists aren't familiar with the best treatment 

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Has anyone tried with any success to shrink or remove tumor with CBD or Simpson oil

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My 30 year old son lives across the country from me. He was just diagnosed with stage 4 sinuvial sarcoma. I feel like it's my fault because I let him take a job on the other coast, and because I wasn't enough of a nosy mom. How do I get rid of these guilt feelings?

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