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small cell lunger cancer

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Joined: Oct 2016

i am 43 and have small cell lung caner. 


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Joined: Oct 2016

just looking to talk to some one like me ugh this is so frustating 


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The lung cancer boards here are pretty slow.  if you contact LUNGevity.org or Lungcanceralliance.org they can set you up with a phone buddy. 

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I have small cell lung cancer.  It is making its comeback after the initial chemo.  This was expected.  I am looking at it as a trench warfare.  I do not look at how bad things are.  I just keep fighting.  In the meantime I live life to its fullest.  I find meditation, yoga, and personal fitness very important.  I also enjoy healthy adn delicious meals.  I have a drink once in a while but rarely.  I am probably going to use medical cannabis during this phase.

My wife is absolutely useless at this point.  You can't tell her anything.  She behaves as if she is the one with cancer.  She is spoiled rotten and it is my fault.  I never thought she would become so wrapped up in herself.  I am done with her and it will be her choice if she wants to hang around or not.  But she can't continue to ruin my days.  I have her set up financially and can walk at anytime if that's what she wants.  It doesn't matter to me.  I make new friends all the time.

I wish there was more to talk about except there isn't, my friend.  I will be here anytime you want to talk.  I am new here.  I did not join earlier because it was not the time.  There is too much that goes good when you first get the small cell lung thing.  It is the second stage when things start to go south and you react.

We are not dead yet.  Remember that.

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sounds like you have a good perspective.  Hang in there, many are praying for you.

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1) I strongly recommend medical marijuana. My best friend (my spouse) used it, and it helped him for three years.  Medical marijuana is very expensive, and growing your own takes time and special growth conditions. But my spouse had special friends and connections from whom he obtained his stuff much more cheaply. He met most of these people through the taxi business and auto repair business. Maybe you can discreetly put out the word that you're looking for stuff. Just be careful so you don't get into trouble. Of course, once you have a medical marijuana card, you can smoke anything, and it won't matter if the neighbors smell it or not, and nobody will ask you questions. He also used Rick Simpson oil / Phoenix Tears. Again, it's expensive, but worth getting.

2) Get a juicing machine and use it as often as possible, especially with beets, cabbage, carrots, and black or purple berries.  Also, try to avoid sugar, meat, and processed food.

3) Try to take life one day at a time. That's all ANY person can do.

4) As another person here (Pecs) said, "You are not dead yet. Remember that."

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I have NSCLC, 6 cm tummor in my lung, non operable, 1 met to my lumbar spine, 1 met to my rib.  I qualify for targeted therapy and recently started Tarceva.

I have been told everything from this drug works for about a year, then you try the next thing.  Longevity for me 3 years average.  But some people survive 10 pluss. Hard to know what to believe.  How to plan for a future when I don't know if I will have a future????

Anyone on my similur path?

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Always look to the futue...my tumor "went away" after 1st round of chemo, they did another (with radiation) to be sure...cancer gonr, 2 years, but do have scarring and problems from chem (brain fog) and scarring (raciation), but happy I am here...they did not think the tumor I had would respond, but it did ...miracles happen snad I definitely am a believer.  As of now, I will Live until I die, and not from cancer!


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My dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 non small cell lung cancer in September. He passed away last week. His treatment started with chemo and radiation and switched to Optivo. Obviously it didn't work. The cancer was bigger than he was. At the end the cancer just spread too much too fast.  He fought hard to no avail. I will pray for all of you. Fight hard because this cancer is mean....just so mean. Prayers for all of you. 

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Why is it that no one is responsible for providing real statistics for treatments. Is it just me or does anyone else see this major flaw in our system. How can anyone make a real decision based on such misguided information. I have read 3 books now since my husband was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer and now feel that we are being lied to on a daily basis. We are left with no real choices. If we have to pay thousands of dollars, are we not entitled to accurate history of treatments?

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