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Update on Hip Pain.

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Went to PT this morning and the therapist told me she wasn't sure she should tell me what the MRI of my left hip that I had done last Wed. shows but she did anyway. She says the MRI shows a tear in the gleteus medius muscle (muscle on the outside of the hip) where it attaches to the greater thochanter (lateral hip bone) and as a result some bursitis in the trochantic bursa. This is pretty much spot on what the sports med doc said he thought was going on when he did my exam two weeks ago so I supsect treatment will be to continue Mobic for inflammation, activity modification and physical therapy as this is what he had said he belived the game plan would be based on what he thought was going on.  I should know more details on Thursday, when I see the sports med doc for my follow up, but at least it doesn't sound like anything suprizing.

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So glad to hear that they figured it out and have a plan to help you!

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Im glad all involved knows what they are dealing with including you.  That helps alot.


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I am so glad to hear it is not the cancer returning!!!  At least now that you know what's wrong you can deal with it!!



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I'm so glad they figured it out and it's not the cancer!

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That has to be a relief just knowing it's not anything more to do with cancer :D  (((HUGS)))

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Lou Ann M
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What a relief that it is not cancer related and that they know what it is.  That is more than half the battle to get it healed and back to normal.

PT can sure be a pain in the butt, and I am,speaking literally.

Lou Ann

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Glad to hear you have some news on what is causing that pain in your hip and it is not cancer.


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Great news Cindy! So glad you know what it is and have a plan to get back to normal!

LouAnn, you made me laugh.  I can only imagine the PT based on deep tissue massage experience!

Love and Hugs,


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It is a huge relief to know it is not the cancer returning (neither the MRI or the CAT scan done the week before show anything cancer related!!!).  It's painful as all get out however....I will gladly deal with some pain while it heals! 

Lou Ann - PT is a pain in the butt (literally) but it seems to be helping...seems that no pain - no gain applies to this situation :)


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